15 Steps To Overcome Your Anxiety…

Fear has the biggest eyes of all...


Is this you?    

  • What if … I’m late?
  • What if … I fail my exam?
  • What if … I get toothache?
  • What if … I get stuck in traffic?
  • What if … he/she  doesn’t ring me?
  • What if … he/she does?
  • What if … there’s a spider in the corner?
  • What if … he/she dumps me?
  • What if … it rains?
  • What if … the sky falls in???

I’d be telling fibs if I said I never feel anxious.    

We all do.    

But for some of us it can be crippling and affect many aspects of our lives.    

That’s sad.    

It’s more than sad, it’s a pain in the ###.    

The point is… what can we do about it?    

Many years ago I had agoraphobia.    

I couldn’t even go out in my garden without crippling anxiety. I thought I was going to faint, collapse, fall over.  Everything was moving, I was unsteady on my feet and I couldn’t drive unless I had someone with me.    

My husband would take me to the supermarket and I wouldn’t let him out of my sight.    

A few years later I was sitting on a plane alone, on my way to Florida to visit friends. I’d coped with the airport (feared crowded place), sitting on the plane (enclosed, trapped situation), dealing with a flight delay, (waiting was something I’d been unable to do without huge anxiety) and now I was fine.    

Here are my 15 steps to help overcome your anxiety.    

  1. I faced it. I acknowledged there was a problem
  2. I was determined.
  3. I asked for professional help.
  4. I made a plan, with help.
  5. I followed the steps I was given.
  6. I didn’t expect instant success.
  7. I accepted there would be bad days.
  8. I talked to others in the same position.
  9. I asked for support.
  10. I only dealt with one anxious situation at a time.
  11. I went at my own pace.
  12. I practised what was difficult.
  13. I gave myself rewards for each small step.
  14. I accepted that life will always have some anxieties.
  15. I learnt to change my attitude to what was beyond my control.


Whatever you are anxious about, you can take these steps to overcome it.     

‘If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine.’    

Morris West    


Are you motivated to deal with your anxieties?    

When are you going to begin?    

How about today?   

I wrote this post in response to Thumper on her site about Anxiety.


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