How To Take a Challenge You Didn’t Know You Could

I’m a great fan of Problogger. It’s one of the many sites I follow  for advice about blogging. On the site at the moment is –  

The 7 Link Challenge . 

At first I wasn’t sure I could do it, but I’m going for it! 

The challenge is – 

to look through my blog and choose 7 posts for the 7  reasons they suggest, which will become clear as you read on (hope you’re still with me…) and link to them. 

Just click on each underlined link to read each post. 

I’ve posted this image because when I started blogging I felt very much alone… 

With a little help from my friends...


…but now, 

I have so many blogging friends with fantastic sites to help me. They’ve put a real Positive Spin on my efforts and I thank them for it. 

Here goes! 

Link 1  My first post. 

As I read it today, I can sense the trepidation! 

Link 2  A post I enjoyed writing

This post was fun. I was pleased to prove the doubters wrong! 

Link 3  A post that started a discussion. 

This was fun to write too, it even made me think! 

Link 4  A post I wish I’d written. 

Wellif you haven’t visited this site yet, you must. Such wisdom. I’ve changed my thinking about many things since I started popping over to Leo Zabutea’s zen habits. See what you think. 

Link 5  My most helpful post 

I believe this was helpful. I wanted to give my readers permission to show their true selves for a change!  I’ve tried it and already surprised some strangers… 

Link 6  A title I’m proud of. 

Yes, I’m proud of this. It was, and still is, one of my most popular posts.  It even caught the attention of Radio 2, here in the UK. They wanted to talk to me about it on the air, but sadly I got their email too late in the day. Hey ho! 

Gosh, this is taking ages but I’m determined…. 

so finally…. 

Link 7  A post I wish more people had read. 

I think Robben Island has got to be the most moving place I’ve visited in my travels. Just remembering the ‘hearts in the razor wire’ does it for me. 

There! I’ve completed the Problogger 7 Link Challenge. 

I’ve been thinking… 

They’re so clever over on Problogger because… 

  • this challenge has forced me to look back and judge my work with a fresh eye,
  • it has shown me I  how I’ve changed and developed as a writer, 
  • I can see how I’ve broadened my outlook and approach,
  • I know I must keep on ‘keeping on’, always seeking help and advice,
  •  I’ve joined a fascinating group of readers and bloggers,
  • and I love it!

Can’t be a bad thing! 


Over to you! 

What challenge will you take that you didn’t know you could? 




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7 responses to “How To Take a Challenge You Didn’t Know You Could

  1. Christine

    It’s a two-way thing, Linda…I love popping over every day to read your wise and thought-provoking words…

  2. Christine

    Sorry, that didn’t answer your question but responded to your comment about loving blogging! Challenge: to read properly, I think!!!!!

  3. Thanks Christine.
    Are you doing the 7 Link Challenge and if not, why not!!!

    I’ll be looking out for it…

  4. Linda, this is fabulous! I really loved that ‘proving the doubters wrong’ post too. People have no idea what they’re talking about when they tell us we can’t do something!

  5. Great work Linda,

    I love the concept of the 7 link challenge. Well done on completing it and keep up the great writing.

    I think that when we start blogging, we all start alone, but when you keep writing great content, people come to see what the fuss is about.



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