How To Get Over That Impossible Obstacle

‘I can see all obstacles in my way’… 

So goes the song I referred to on Monday.   

What do you do?


I’m nearly at the end of a long writing project and am about to submit the text to my editor (sounds grand doesn’t it, but an editor friend has offered her services free as it’s for the local school).   

Anyway, apart from checking and double, even treble checking the text, I also need to get the pictures scanned for the publisher, to reduce my costs. I collated the pictures and set off, in great anticipation, to the printer who would scan them.   

‘I think this is the road,’ I said cheerily to my OH.   

We turned into the industrial estate and followed the signs.   

As we parked the car I was puzzled.   

‘It looks very quiet!’   

‘Looks closed down, to me!’ he added helpfully…   

And it was.   

A week ago I’d phoned to enquire and all seemed fine. Only obviously it wasn’t fine. They’d gone out of business.   

We looked at one another in dismay.   

‘Now what do I do?’ I moaned, expecting him to come up with a magic solution, right there, right then.   

He didn’t know what to say.   

‘Let’s go home and regroup’, he suggested.   

So we did.   

And when I’d pulled myself out of the hole of despair, I expect you can guess what we did.   

Thank goodness for ‘Google’ and   

We found an alternative, only a few miles away.   

When you meet an ‘unsurmountable’ obstacle, take a deep breath, calm down, and the obvious solution will appear… as you know it will.   

Usually, wanting everything to fall into place, right here, right now is unrealistic.   

I always want things to happen yesterday, but I’m learning to be more patient, well, just a little bit…   

What’s your strategy for dealing with obstacles?   

We’d love to know!   


Have you seen the yellow star ‘Like’ button at the bottom of these posts?   

It’s just before the Comments bit.   

Don’t be shy  – every ‘Like’ makes my day!


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3 responses to “How To Get Over That Impossible Obstacle

  1. Christine

    No ‘like’ button on my screen, Linda… but I do, as always…

  2. Christine

    No, it doesn’t make any difference…perhaps it’s something to do with me…?

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