How to Learn Your lesson From A Pigeon

Can it get any worse?


Don’t we just love making a drama out of a crisis? 

She broke her nail – ‘absolute nightmare!’ 

They ran out of wine  – ‘absolute nightmare!’ 

It rained on her washing – ‘absolute nightmare!’ 

Silly, isn’t it. 

Driving along the other day I wasn’t sure what it was at first. It just fell into the road in front of me. 

Fragile, tossed into the air by the wind, it never stood a chance. Had it fallen off a lorry taking garden rubbish to the tip? I watched in the rear view mirror as it was squashed by a car’s tyre. 

Just a bundle of twigs? 

No. Far more precious than that.  It was, or rather had been, a pigeon’s nest. Tossed around in the road, destroyed. 

Tears surprised me as I drove home.  

I love and value my home. If I lost it, that would certainly be ‘an absolute nightmare’ for me.  A disaster of mega proportions. 

Every time  see a pigeon, I remember. 

Just make another nest, guys!

That pigeon lost its home that day. 

And what did it do? 

Start all over again! 

Over on Ken’s blog he’s written about dealing with setbacks. He’s quite right in what he says. 

If the worst does happen to you, (and it’s not usually as bad as you imagined), behave like a pigeon (!) and start picking  up those twigs… 

Who knows! 

For the pigeon, the second nest might have been a whole lot stronger and sturdier that the first…

and it’s the same for you….

There’s always a Positive Spin if you look hard enough! 

When did you last catch yourself whining, 

 ‘It’s an absolute nightmare!’ 

And…more to the point…was it? 

‘Press on. Obstacles are seldom the same size tomorrow as they are today.’ 

Robert Schuller



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2 responses to “How to Learn Your lesson From A Pigeon

  1. carsma

    No, I do say that but it was never a nightmare, not in the true sense, just to me at the time…………

    Carsma x

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