7 Successes To Celebrate!

Step by step...


Yesterday I invited you all to celebrate with me and you’ll understand why, near the end of this post.  

Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking about   

Success …  

what it means and how we achieve it.  

Yesterday, in the UK, students got their A-Level results.  

For many, their futures depend on their grades.  

  • Will they go to uni?
  • Will they get that course?
  • Will they find a job?

We all hope for success and it means  

different things to   

different people at  

different stages in our lives.  

Here are 7  Successes that I’ve celebrated in my life –  

  1. The day I mastered ‘joined up writing’.
  2. When I first learnt to swim, aged eight.
  3. When I started to get the hang of ‘line-dancing’.
  4. Every day that I watched one of my dyslexic students  begin to believe in him/her self.
  5. The day I handled a snake called Smith.
  6. The day I succeeded in snorkelling and saw a turtle.

And…. Woo hoo!  

     7.    The day I was accepted to write   

             a Guest Post for Jean   over at Virgin Blogger notes!  

This is the one I’m celebrating with you all!  

I’m honoured and excited to be Guest Posting for Jean.  

My post will go live on Friday August 27th and I’ll be sure to remind you all to pop over to Virgin Blogger Notes and take a look. (Now I’m really showing off, please forgive me…)  


So… why do we succeed?   

In my view we succeed because –  

  • we are highly Motivated.

I so wanted to ‘do joined up writing’, swim, line dance, help dyslexic students, conquer my snake phobia, snorkel,  


be validated as an OK Blogger, who writes something Jean’s readers would like to read.  

It’ll work for you, too.  

  • – we are Determined.

We must persist, especially when we find if difficult. We will face set-backs but we’ll get over them.  

It’ll work for you, too.  

  • – we are Supported.

Every success in life, small or large, has come because I’ve had support. I didn’t do it on my own.  

It’ll work for you, too.  

I want to thank  all of you who have left comments, encouraging me to carry on, the sites I’ve read with advice and guidance, all contributing to my being accepted as a Guest Blogger fo the first time.  

What about you?  

Do you celebrate your successes?  

Is your glass half – full at the moment?  

Do you see the coke – cans… or the celandines?  

Every success, however small, should be celebrated.  

Even with a colourful cake…  

Or an Eeeeek!  

What will you celebrate today?  




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2 responses to “7 Successes To Celebrate!

  1. Christine

    Well done! I look forward to reading your guest spot…

  2. today i celebrate for:
    – at least 1 confirmed smile that is aside from mine
    – there are readers on my posts
    – awesome commentators too
    – and a set date on the 27th of this month!

    see you 🙂

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