You Take Yourself With You But Who Do You Bring Back?

What's in yours?


I wonder what’s inside. 

Could be scary. 

Might be fun. 

Airports are full of them at the moment, travellers dragging their cases along behind them. 

Must have been a pain before they had wheels on them, can’t even begin to imagine it. Guess people travelled lighter then… 

(Enough reminiscing… get on with it, Linda…) 

Some people seem to have their whole lives packed in their case, taking it all with them, just in case. (Ooops, sorry, no pun intended…) 

So what are you packing  in yours ? 

  • new clothes?
  • new ideas?
  • old clothes ?
  • old ways?
  • clothes that don’t fit you?
  • thoughts that don’t fit you?
  • a book to read?
  • a book you wish you’d read?
  • a book you know you won’t read but looks impressive?
  • a project to begin?
  • a project to finish?
  • a project you wish you could finish but know you won’t?

A friend once said this to me- 

Wherever you go, remember, you take yourself with you. 

I often muse on her wise words. 

Sometimes we go away to escape. 

Maybe we want to escape from  

  • an uncomfortable relationship
  • a boring job
  • the daily ‘grind’
  • an irritating mother-in-law
  • a health worry
  • fear of redundancy

but we still take ourselves with us… 

and, more to the point, we’ll bring the same person back with us… 

Won’t we? 

So why not bring back something else? (No, not a Disney t-shirt) 

Here are some ideas for you- 

You could bring back 

  • a resolution that you’re motivated to keep
  • a pebble from the shore to hold in your  hand and listen to the waves 
  • a piece of rock from that mountain you climbed
  • a sunset that you can see with closed eyes
  • the email address of someone who resonated with you
  • a warm glow every time you feel that same sun on your face in winter

and most valuable of all, bring back a subtly ‘changed you’. 


How about you? 

What are you hoping to escape from on holiday? 

And who are you bringing back? 






























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2 responses to “You Take Yourself With You But Who Do You Bring Back?

  1. Linda, a very thought provoking article.

    I loved the quote from your friend – “Wherever you go, remember, you take yourself with you.”

    Very wise words.

    I went to India last Xmas with family and my case was full of old clothess and a few knick-knacks to give away. It felt great to empty my case – but of course it got filled up with more clothes and a few ornaments.

    Ideally, I would have liked to come back with an empty case or even no case.

    This was a metaphor for my life – I am forever letting go of things, people, ideas – only to fill up with more things (but not as much as before), new people (but more resonant with me) and ideas (more inspiring than before).

    When will all this end?!

    Thanks again for a great post.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Arvind.

    I love the idea of the empty case… but like you, there’s always more to bring back… new people, new friends, new thoughts and ideas…

    I agree, where will all this end?!

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