Why You Must Be Selfish If You Want To Stay Sane

You're sooo selfish...


‘Why is it always about you?’ 

‘You must always put others first!’ 

‘Never mind what you want!’ 

When I was a child this is what I was taught. 

My parents firmly believed that it was wrong to put yourself first. They were always going on about it and I learnt to believe them.  Alongside this, I learnt to feel guilty if I dared to please myself. 

Now I take a different view. 

If I always put myself last in the pecking order this is what would  happen – 

  • I’d never sit down to read, because I ought to be washing the kitchen floor.
  • I’d never stand and stare, just for the sake of it, because I ought to be peeling the veg.
  • I certainly wouldn’t be writing this blog because I ought to be… you fill in the blanks!

It’s all about balance

As a child I was taught that my needs didn’t really count. I should always put other people’s needs before my own. But that’s just plain stupid, in my book. 

I read somewhere wise, that it’s impossible to meet someone else’s needs if your own needs are not met. 

Picture this- 

Your whole day has been devoted to looking after other people… 

  • Your elderly parent, who can try your patience at the drop of a hat, and usually does, bless her…
  • Your child, who demands that you magic up a fairy costume out of an old  dress of yours and all before play group tomorrow morning…
  • Your neighbour, who asks you to spare them 10 minutes but you know it’ll be more like an hour and you haven’t got another hour to spare before you have to collect the children…
  • Your OH, who calls to ask  if you could just collect his suit from the dry cleaners, oh, and could you fill up with petrol while you’re out?

At this point you get a very bad case of Overwhelm

Jean calls it taking a ride on the Meltdown City Express. (Do pop over and read her post, it’s excellent.) 

How can you possibly fit any more ‘needs’ into your fraught day? 

Guess what! 

You can’t. 

You have to say – 

Now it’s my turn. 

You have to say ‘no’.  

Or nothing gets done properly and you simply end up frazzled and frustrated. 

You’re not superwoman/superman – not as far as I know, anyway! Let me know if I’m wrong on that one… 

The bottom line is… 

Don’t get overwhelmed because your parents told you it was selfish to put yourself first sometimes. 

Not all the time, obviously. But we all need to discover that balance. 

In my view, your needs are as important as the needs of others. 

What are you going to say ‘no’ to today/tomorrow? 

And ditch the guilt where it belongs…. in the ditch.



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4 responses to “Why You Must Be Selfish If You Want To Stay Sane

  1. blackwatertown

    Quite right. No wins (least of all you) if you end up a hollowed-out husk, wondering who you really are.

  2. Hi! Thanks for taking a look at my blog. Now I’ll take a look at yours!

    I certainly don’t want to be hollowed-out husk…

  3. Christine

    Guess what – I’ve totally lost my oomph having given my all to others recently … today was going to be ‘my recovery’ day but guess what? I’ve just agreed to one more thing for someone else … when will I learn? Ho hum!!!

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