How Not To Have A Perfect Holiday




 …your ‘perfect holiday’.  

‘We were delayed for 8 hours…’    

‘The humidity was dreadful…’    

”The mosquitos were an ‘absolute nightmare’  (sorry, regular readers – had to pop that link in!)    

Hetty the Hermit wrote about her holiday and it started me thinking… again… as she often does…    

So much emphasis is put on having to have the perfect trip.    

The magazines are full of articles about getting the perfect tan, the perfect holiday capsule wardrobe, the perfectly packed case.    

But what’s the ‘real deal’?    

  • Two weeks of bliss by the pool?

             How about two weeks of sunburn?    

  • Half an hour of browsing in the airport bookshop?

             How about a rush to check in because the taxi was late?    

  • Glorious weather?

             How about thunderstorms, humidity and soaring temperatures?      

  • A fun time for the children?

             How about sunburn, late nights and tantrums over the food?    

OK, OK – perhaps you think I exaggerate but all of the above have happened to me.    

Somehow our expectations always exceed the reality.    


But isn’t that normal for most of us?    

We expect too much, hope for perfection, then discover that perfection doesn’t exist.    

What we should be aiming for is finding satisfaction in every day, rather than putting all our hopes into those two precious weeks.    

So many of us put up with our every day lives, letting life pass us by, wishing our time away, until that elusive, perfect holiday.    


Have you been away lately?    

How was it?    

Did it live up to your expectations?    

I hope so.    

Was it ‘perfect’?    

What would be your perfect holiday?


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