Declutter Your Whole Life Into A Bag (OK, 2 If You’re Lucky…)

‘Yes, just one night, please.’   

 ‘And will you be wanting breakfast, sir?’     

‘Oh yes please. we love the breakfasts here.’     

‘Ahhh. Did you know we’ve been taken over?’     

‘Taken over?’     

‘Yes, and we’re no longer serving breakfasts.’     

‘Oh no! That’s a shame!’     

‘But we can give you your ‘Breakfast in a Bag!’     

Breakfast anyone?


We were not happy.     

Breakfast in a bag? Given to us the day before we would be eating it? Ridiculous.     

Needless to say, we spoke to the manager and explained as politely and calmly as we could, that we would  not be eating breakfast, sitting on the end of our bed, with not even a plate or a decent cup of coffee.     


Later, I started to think about that breakfast…     

I remembered the Bag Ladies I’d seen in Central Park, New York.  OK, some of them had trolleys but they still had all their possessions with them.     

I wondered how I would manage if I had to do that.     

Imagine having to put your whole life in a bag.     

OK, two if you’re really lucky.     


What would I put in my bag?     

  • money? 
  • food? 
  • clothes?
  • jewellery?
  • contact lenses/specs?
  • photos? 

Would I take     

  •  a journal and a pencil?
  • any books?
  • any cosmetics?

What about my cat?     

What about, well, everything!     


When I think of putting my whole life in a bag, it throws up all sorts of questions about      

  • what I value,
  • what I can do without,
  • what I can’t do without,
  • what I’d be sad to leave behind,
  • what I’d happily throw away.

And what sort of bag would I use?     

What would your bag look like?


 Now it’s your turn.     

You’re going to put your whole life in a bag.     

How would you design the bag?     

What would you put in it?     

And what would you leave out?     




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2 responses to “Declutter Your Whole Life Into A Bag (OK, 2 If You’re Lucky…)

  1. I can’t imagine distilling my life down to just a brown bag or two, it’s too distressing … but isn’t that essentially what women do most days with their handbags? I try to carry ‘everything I might need’ in my handbag, which probaby explains why my poor shoulders ache so much …

    I’ve come across the brown bag breakfast idea too – not for me either!

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