How To Win An Oscar Without Even Trying

 I’ve been in denial…(Gosh! Did I really say that out loud?)  

 …about a lot of things.  


 Getting older is one –  

  •  When I applied for a bus pass I was hoping the assistant would say,

              ‘But surely you’re not old enough to have one of these?’  

             She didn’t.  

  • My son has just had his errr… ummmm…. (whisper this please…) 40th birthday!

             (Of course I got married very young.  And I tell lies…)  

             And you’re all supposed to say, ‘But Linda, you don’t look old enough!’  

           But you’re not…saying it…  

  • The shorter skirt my husband persuaded me to buy is fine.

           It’s not.  It looks silly.        

Putting our head in the sand about our lives is very easy to do.  

Let’s call it what it is –  

It’s called Denial.   

End of.  


So…what are we in denial about?  

  • being addicted to chocolate, food, alcohol, bad relationships, cigarettes
  • being attracted to the ‘wrong’ sort of partner
  • being unhappy
  • being in the wrong job
  • being in debt
  • being a shopaholic
  • being lazy and selfish (in a bad way)
  • not taking responsibility for our behaviour

I’ve been in denial about needing to lose a few pounds –  

I’m good at making excuses. I won an Oscar for it without even trying.  

  •  ‘But I don’t eat too much chocolate!’

Not for me, thank you!
  • ‘I only have wine at week ends!’
  • ‘I’ll have a diet coke, ice and lemon please!’
  • ‘What do you mean, this top is too tight?’


And for my male readers…  

  • ‘These trousers have shrunk!’
  • ‘No, I don’t need another hole in this belt.’
  • ‘I only one beer with Andy, love!’

We all do it.  

But when we stop denying, we are set free.  

It’s an amazing feeling.  A feeling I could get addicted to.  

No more excuses, even to ourselves.  

We’re facing it, whatever it is, and we’re on the first step of the ladder to successfully making an important change.  

What are you winning an Oscar for today?  

What are you ‘in denial’ about?  

And what are you going to do about facing up to it?  


‘You just can’t keep walking away. At some point you have to turn round and face life head on.’  

Chris Cleave,  in the novel,  ‘ The Other Hand’  

You can't see I'm not here...


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4 responses to “How To Win An Oscar Without Even Trying

  1. Christine

    OK, I own up…the thing that I say doesn’t bother me because I understand why, well, it really does bother me even though I really do understand … I think I’m colluding with him instead of encouraging him to face the problem…

  2. Hi Linda … I say I love cooking when in fact I love eating …

  3. Linda, Well said. Denial is powerful, so powerful that some people would literally die rather than face the truth. An excellent, well-written book on this topic is Change or Die by Alan Deutschman.

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