5 Reasons You Must Never Buy The Big Issue

Please don't walk by...


He’s there every day, rain or shine, a smile on his face. The station’s busy with commuters, all intent on their journey to work. 

Some people stop and buy a copy, but most simply hurry past, ignoring him. 

What about you? 


Here are 5 Reasons You Must Never Buy the Big Issue. 

1.   Because you have a heart of stone. 

Here is someone who is trying to make a living. He’s made the effort to get his licence and he’s selling the Big Issue. He’s here in all weathers, facing the public. He’ll be ignored by some, abused by others, smiled at by a few – if he’s lucky. 

So… don’t buy a copy if you have a heart of stone. 


2.   Because you’re blind to the needs of others. 

What’s he to you? You have your own family to look after, why help him? OK, you’ve got fillet steak and mushrooms for supper tonight, so what? You might be out if work soon and then it’ll be a different tale . After all, charity begins at home… 

So… don’t buy a copy. 


3.   Because you’ve got your head in the sand. 

You have children who rely on you. They need trainers, school uniform, laptops.  He’ll be OK.  He doesn’t need your help. And he’ll only spend it on drugs or alcohol. 

Anyway, you’re in a hurry – got to get a couple of bottles of wine and some more cigarettes for the weekend. 

So… don’t buy a copy. 


4.   Because you can’t afford it. 

On the train home you’ll probably have a couple of glasses of wine with a mate. Then there’re the chops for your wife, that special coffee she wanted and the takeaway Chinese for later.  Amazing where all the money goes… 

So…don’t buy a copy. 


5.   Because you can’t stand in his shoes. 

He’s got a father or mother somewhere. Do they know where he is? 

What if he was your son? Would you want people to stop and buy? 

Has it ever occurred to you how vulnerable he might feel, day after day? 

How much does it cost to smile at him for a change as you rush by? 

Can you even begin to imagine what it feels like to stand in his shoes? 


So…don’t buy a copy. 


What do you think? 

Am I right? 

Some might say I’m naiive to think this way. 

But I always buy The Big Issue because that could be my son or my daughter, if things were different. 

What’s your view on this? 

Don’t be afraid to disagree – 

Feel free! 


‘He knows the water best who has waded through it. 

Danish Proverb. 




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One response to “5 Reasons You Must Never Buy The Big Issue

  1. that’s inspiring , thank you:)

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