3 Simple Ways To Make This Your Most Positive Day…Ever!

‘You’ll just have to wait.’   

‘You can have some sweets later.’   

‘In a minute.’   

Yes… that was my mum.   

I always had to wait…   

until later…   

but later never seemed to arrive.   

In this post I wrote about how my mum saved many of the gifts we gave her ‘for best’ and ‘best’ never came.   

She seemed unable to give herself permission to enjoy herself, possibly as a result of her childhood.  Much of this habit was passed on to me and I have struggled to ‘give myself permission’ to enjoy myself ever since. I’m pleased to say I’m much better now but something happened yesterday that made me sit up and think about how to make every day as positive as I can.   

A very good friend collapsed in a coffee shop.   

He was unconscious and turned blue.  The crash team were worried but, thankfully, he recovered.  He’d suffered a seizure. Very scary and very shocking for everyone but particularly for him of course.   

I have learnt some important lessons from this event and would like to pass it on to all you ‘Spinners’.   

3 Simple Ways To Make this Day Your Most Positive Day Ever!   

Yes! You're allowed to have fun!


1.   Give yourself permission.   

  • Whatever will delight your day and make you smile – just go for it.
  • Perhaps you’d like to stop ironing/cleaning/writing/driving for 10 minutes to go and breathe the fresh air with your eyes closed? Go for it.
  • Perhaps you’d like to stop whatever you’re doing for a few minutes and listen to your favourite track and dance, unseen, around your room? (Unless you’re in a public place of course…)  Go for it!

2.   Whatever you’ve been putting off… do it!   

Take one tiny step towards doing whatever it is…   

  • Booking a weekend away? Go for it!
  • Going surfing for the first time? Go for it!
  • Starting a piano class? Go for it!

3.   Always remember – today is all there is.   

It’s always going to be ‘today’. Tomorrow never comes.   


  • Add some small things to your diary to enjoy today. Small things count, like listening to the rising wind, appreciating the slight, subtle coolness in the late August air, tasting the sparkle in a glass of fizzy water, noticing the feel of your pet’s summer coat.
  • Pay attention to your OH or whoever you love and care about. Make them a drink when they don’t expect it, take out the rubbish without being asked, gently smooth away their worries.  Or even, as I read today on Jane’s site, write a love note…
  • Give yourself a break – you’re doing the best you know how to do. Take pleasure in that.

So, my friends, how are you going to make today your most positive day ever?    

And then…do it again tomorrow…   

  ‘Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.’ Anon. ( I think.)


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3 responses to “3 Simple Ways To Make This Your Most Positive Day…Ever!

  1. ce2consulting

    Wonderful ideas! I took your advice and spent some time just playing with my dog today.

  2. Thanks for that! It’s amazing how that one almost tragic event that happened to my friend made me sit up and think…

  3. i have to smile back at your photo.
    that’s positivity, right? 🙂

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