Take 3 Easy Steps And You Can Be Famous!

The X-Factor.  Yuk! 

America’s got Talent. Yuk! 

Humiliation is Us. Yuk! 

I just don’t get it! 

Why does anyone want to see mainly talentless people make fools of themselves on TV? 

Week after tedious week there they are…  no talent, no appeal, with the personality of a gnat. And that’s just the presenters!  

(No… I take back that last comment…) 


‘So, Fred… why do you want to take part in this competition?’ 

‘Oh… it’s always been my dream. To be famous.’ 

(Pause while the presenter tries to hide a snigger.) 


The sad news is that most of these ‘hopefuls’ will have their hopes dashed as soon as the audience hears/sees them. The baying crowd will laugh or even boo and the judges will tell them that they have no talent and please go away. Or words to that effect. 

I wonder what he's famous for...


OK, I suppose there might be some talent amongst the thousands of entries but seeing that a new series of the X-Factor has just hit our TV screens, started me thinking about ‘Fame’ and what it means. 

Fame –  ‘being known and talked about by all’… so says my dictionary. 

Right! No problem! Just follow my steps and you’ll be fine! 


3 Easy Steps To Becoming Famous… 

1.   Realise that you have many talents. 

Ask your friends! I bet you have a talent for listening, supporting, helping, giving, rescuing, encouraging… I know you can add more to this list! 

Ask your co-workers! I bet you have a talent for organising, teaching, empowering, short -cutting, inventing, computing, driving and serving. What can you add? 

2.   Realise that you are unique. 

No-one else can be the best father/mother/ to your child. It’s you they want.  They are your biggest ‘fan’. They’ll cheer for you, defend you, choose you, even if they don’t tell you to your face (Talking about teenagers here…) 

No-one else can be the greatest husband/wife /partner. Only you. And I’m sure they do tell you to your face.  And if they don’t, they should. 

3.   Realise that you are an expert. 

Yes!   In making people laugh, cooking great omelettes/muffins/toasties/gourmet meals (I wish…), making people feel at home in your home,  DIY, finding the lost car keys and even reading maps. 


We are all  ‘known and talked about by all’ 

 in our social circle, work environment, and family. 

Our talents and skills, whatever they may be, are recognised and valued by all who know us. 

We don’t have to be on the X-Factor show to be famous.   

We already are.  

‘Always act like you’re wearing an invisible crown.’   Anon. 


What are you ‘famous’ for?  

(Should I really ask that question? Yes… I should!) 

Do tell us!   


Photo courtesy of Michael_Lehet on Flickr.



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4 responses to “Take 3 Easy Steps And You Can Be Famous!

  1. thank you for highlighting that being famous doesn’t necessarily mean you should be on stage or TV screen. why, kitchen, backyard and market are good places too! i am famous for saying thank you. thank you for this — i knew it, i am famous too 🙂

  2. Of coure you are bendedspoon!
    And now you’re one of my Spinners you’re even more famous!!!

  3. I know that these shows are going on. but I never watch TV. It is amazing, though, how much public humiliation people are willing to endure for 15 minutes of fame.

    I’m famous for my sour cream apple pie (made with no-fat plan yogurt instead of sour cream and Splenda instead of sugar). Just ask anyone.

    Well done, Linda.

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