Don’t Be Too Shocked… I’m A Virgin… (Well, Until This Week)

‘Mum! There’s something I need to tell you.’      

It’s my 15 year old daughter.      

‘Please don’t be too angry!’      

I scrub the potatoes hard. Very hard.      

‘Only, it’s something you told me I mustn’t do!’      

I can feel my face going red.      

‘You said I should wait!’      

I turn my attention to  the already gleaming worktop and polish it frantically.      

‘You said I was too young.’      

Sharp intake of breath from me.      

‘All my friends have done it!’      

I turn round to look at her, the cloth in my  hands.  She’s beautiful. Gorgeous. Long hair, enormous  blue eyes, a figure to die for.      

Surely not… she can’t be. Can she?      

‘Whatever it is you’ve done, love, we’ll sort it out. It can’t be that bad. Are you going to tell me?’      

She gazes at me with those soulful eyes and very slowly she lifts up her hair.      

‘I’m really sorry mum, but I was the only one who hadn’t done it!’      

And then I see them. Three new gold studs in her ear. Hiding beneath her hair.      

I start to giggle. I laugh and laugh and she looks at me, amazed.      

‘I thought you’d be angry with me,mum!’      

I grin and wipe my eyes.      

‘What’s so funny about me having my ears pierced?’      

I give her a hug.      

‘Nothing love,’ I whisper. ‘Nothing at all.’      

 (Yes, a true story.)      


What have you done for the first time lately?      

Yes! It’s true… I was a virgin until yesterday.      

 A ‘hair colour virgin’, that is! What did you think I meant?      

I was the only person I know who had never coloured her hair!   (OK, I did use some henna on it in prehistoric days but the less said about that the better.)      

When my friend Don collapsed on Monday and gave us all a shock, (yes, he’s fine now, thanks for asking,) I decided to ‘go for it.’ What on earth was I waiting for? I’m very lucky, I only have a few grey hairs, but I decided to do it anyway. What was the worst that could happen? I won’t like it? It’s only hair… I told myself. It’ll grow!      

And guess what! I absolutely love it!      

A bit like this...


I’m doing something else for the first time today.      

Regular Spinners will know that I have a Guest Post on      

Jean’s Virgin Blogger site today. (Friday) She’s ‘Across the Pond’, so allow for a few hours time difference before it goes live.     

My first ever guest post!      

If you’d like to read it, just pop over later and take a look.      


So, my friends, what are you going to try for the first time?      

You know you want to.  And what’s the worst that can happen? You might even enjoy it, just like I did.       

Take a risk, be brave and tell us all about it in the comments.      

Header photo courtesy of abyreed on Flickr 

Photo courtesy of katrinket on Flickr.   



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13 responses to “Don’t Be Too Shocked… I’m A Virgin… (Well, Until This Week)

  1. Thanks for a fabulous guest post, Linda! I love that you’re opening doors and trying new things. Here’s to exploring even more virgin territory!

  2. Thanks you for having me as your guest today. I’m all ready to see what’s round my corner!
    Exciting stuff, to be sure.

  3. congratulations!
    you are no longer a virgin
    after your guest post in
    Jean’s Virgin Blogger site today
    you are blogaholic

  4. Well… I wrote a poem. And now it’s public. A sensual poem no less. Without being anonymous.

    And it did feel kinda great. And risky.

    This from a nice little challenge over at Worth a visit! And, not for my poem – I’m a first timer 🙂

    Thanks for the post Linda. I like your blog. BTW – followed from my RSS feed from virginbloggernotes! Congratulations!


    Glad your friend Don is fine!

    • Hi Theresa, Thanks for dropping in. I’ll be over to read your poem just as soon as I can! Looking forward to it. I’ll also take a look at the challege you mention. (Can’t think how I ever found time to watch TV….)

  5. Hi Linda
    Your guest post on Virgin Bloggers is getting a fantastic response… and rightly so.

    Your guest post followed that of the outrageous Mr Devalia but I think that you pulled it off.

    A great idea and a delightful read.

  6. Hey, I saw your guest post on virgin blogger notes & thought I’d come and check out your blog.

    Yeah I agree – it’s just hair, just some dead cells. My hairdresser suggested that I don’t go swimming in chlorine because it was making my hair not be so nice. I just can’t take it that seriously 🙂

    Enjoy your new hair colour!

    • Thanks for coming over!
      When I wasn’t sure about having my hair coloured I decided to call it ‘make-up for hair’ which is what it is. So…no problem. I wear make-up, so why not on my hair!

      You’re right, it’s not worth taking it too seriously!

  7. Having been the mother of 3 girls, now 17, 22, and 28, I was on edge waiting to read “what” she had done, lol!
    My 1st daughter, bless her heart, was the guinea pig and we didn’t let her do anything.

    When number 2 was 14, we finally were getting a clue and realized that hair color was just not a big deal, so eventually I never knew what color her hair might be in the morning when I woke up! And it is still that way to this day, lol!

    Number 3 is much more conservative, has done a little hair stuff, 2 piercings in ears, now she is wanting the 3rd. Piercings are a little more permanent, but, it could be worse!

    I have found it is better not to freak out or give a strong repsonse when they ask or tell me about something!

    What I am learning to do that is very difficult for me is to just ‘BE’.


    • Hi Bernice,
      I have learnt to be more tolerant since those days and nothing surprises me any more about what my children get up to. But I’ll always remember that conversation and we both laugh about it today!

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