2 Words That Can Change The World (And 22 People Who Need To Hear Them)

‘What do you say?’ mum used to ask at the end of a birthday party. 

‘Thank you for having me!’ I’d chorus, on cue. 

It eventually became a habit, as did writing the dreaded ‘Thank you’ letters after Christmas. 

The habit has stayed with me and I still write them. I try to send a note to say ‘thank you’ after a meal with friends, and for gifts. It’s how it was back then. 

It’s so easy to take the kindnesses in life for granted.

I do it all the time. 

Only 2 words but they make a huge difference. 

Thanks mum. Photo by sean drelinger on Flickr.


I was thinking about the importance of saying thank you and was suddenly aware of all the people I mustn’t take for granted. 

Here are 22 ‘thank yous’ I wish I’d said. 

I wish I’d said ‘thank you’ to… 

  1. The men who empty my bin
  2. My teachers ( except my Maths teacher…don’t ask…)
  3. The surgeon I never met who operated successfully on my daughter
  4. My brother for being the man he is
  5. The pilot who carried me safely home from Florida
  6. The unseen lab person who carried out my cancer test and it was clear
  7. The person who invented contact lenses
  8. The genius who produced this lap top
  9. The sweet maker who created Maltesers
  10. Pencil makers
  11. Hair colour producers
  12. Paul McCartney for his fab music
  13. James Taylor for his charismatic performances
  14. My OH for finding me (OK, I have said it, but I can’t say it enough)
  15. My father for introducing me to the ethereal sound of cathedral choirs
  16. My best friend for her ability to lift me up
  17. My writing tutor for bringing  out my creativity
  18. The guys for tirelessly filling the shelves in Sainsbury’s supermarket
  19. The craftsman who made my wedding ring
  20. All the authors of all the books I’ve enjoyed
  21. Whoever invented blogging
  22. And last, but absolutely not least, a huge hug and thank you to all you Spinners who read my blog and make my day…

 OK, so I cheated! There are far more than 22 people on that list, but never mind. 

And one more… 

I  want to say Thank you to everyone who read my guest post on Jean’s site.  

It’s called ’21 Signs That You’re a Blogaholic’ and it’s in her ‘recent posts’  list if you missed it.  I was blown away by the response I got and its spurred me on to try for more guest posts.

We need to remember. 

Every day. 


Who would be on your list? 

Are there people you wish you could thank? 


Header image courtesy of abyreed on Flickr.



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9 responses to “2 Words That Can Change The World (And 22 People Who Need To Hear Them)

  1. Yes I agree with you. I don’t know who to start with. My mother and I were watching tv one day and there was a religious programme on, we didn’t normally watch them but this day we left it on and it was about saying thank, and when it had finished we both felt the need to say thank you to each other.
    To my parents who cherished me and taught me right from wrong
    My lovely daughter my best friend
    Keith for all my hugs and making Liz so happy
    Roger for bringing up such a thoughtful and loving son like Keith
    My five children for their love and support and for the wonderful eleven grandchildren
    My neighbour Madeline for her friendshipThank you to my mum and dad for making me who I am
    My sister Linda for her support and to Mick her husband
    My friends at the Park Radio for making me so welcome
    My friends at Hospital radio for making me welcome
    David for his support
    To my Polish neighbours who are always cheerful
    To my youngest son Rob for all his love and support
    To the man who invented the computer
    The man who invented mobile phones
    Thank you Lindy for your words that constantly help me to feel better about myself

  2. I forgot all the charismatic singers like Michael Buble, Johnny Mathis, Lionel Richie who brighten my life with their music

  3. at this very moment
    thank you
    for encouraging
    to say
    thank you

  4. One

    Thank you.
    Wonderful words; very simple, yet so powerful.
    “I love you” is also another very strong phrase, however it is now linked with loads of excess baggage that people are afraid to use it as much.
    So I would settle for another thank you; for making me feel good, for reminding me, and for sharing this.

  5. hi i like the blog very much,.

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