7 Things I Wish I Could Say To My 7 Year-Old Self (But I Wouldn’t Believe Me…)


Courtesy of Sunset Chaser on Flickr



‘Wait till you grow up! Life will be very different then!’ 

That’s what mum used to say.   

But I’ve got news for all you Spinners…   

She was wrong!   

I was always told I must ‘behave myself’, whatever that meant.   

When visitors came I had to be ‘on my best behaviour.’ And I tried, I really did.   

I had a sneaky feeling that all the fun things would disappear once I was ‘grown up’.   


I’m here to tell you that they haven’t.   


Here are 7 things I wish I could say to my 7 year-old self (but I wouldn’t believe me…)  

1.   It’s OK to hang upside down on the railings and show your knickers.   

Just because someone tells you can’t do something doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do it.   

When you’ve made up your mind to do something – take a course, learn to drive, become a writer, just do it.  Follow your intuition. You’ll be glad you did.   

2.   It’s OK to believe in fairies.   

Your imagination is one of the most exciting gifts you can have. You can travel anywhere, see anything, make up stories, paint pictures, design and invent things and even believe in fairies.   

Whenever I see a  dandelion seed floating in the air I smile, because I’m seeing  a fairy.   

3.   It’s OK to believe that there’s a crock of gold at the end of a rainbow.   

Once you know what you’d like to achieve, today, in a few weeks, in a year, ‘go for it’. It will take hard work, disappointments, highs and lows but when you find your ‘crock of gold’ you’ll feel fantastic.   

And while you’re travelling, you have the beauty of the rainbow always there in front of you to look at.   

4.   It’s OK to adore Marmite sandwiches.   

Just because it’s not to everyone’s taste it doesn’t mean it’s not right for you.   

Choose your own pathway, especially when it’s not the same as other people’s.   

Develop your own tastes, in all aspects of life.   

The Marmite sandwiches in life are not wrong or right, simply different. And ‘different’ is good.   

5.   It’s OK to cry.   

When you’re a child mum might say, ‘ Wipe your tears. There’s no need to cry!’   

Yes! There is.   

Crying is good. It expresses emotions you can’t find the words for. You can cry when you’re happy, sorry, miserable, fed up, afraid, missing someone, excited, surprised.   

I cry most days – just a little.  Or more if I feel like it. No problem.   

6.   It’s OK to believe there’s a monster under your bed.   

 If you believe it’s there, then it’s there.   

It has a name too. It’s called fear and it has enormous eyes.   

But the good news is, that if you’re brave enough to look under your bed and stare the monster in the face, it disappears!   

It’s only while you’re imagining it that it exists.   

Face your fears, and guess what?   

They shrink before your eyes.   

7.   It’s OK to want a cuddle.    

Cuddles make you feel better, even when you’re all ‘grown up’.   

Cuddles come in all sorts of disguises.   

One is called ‘compliments.’  Tell someone they look gorgeous and you’ve given them an invisible cuddle. Another is when you ask for someone’s help or advice.   

Again, it’s an invisible cuddle.   

I’m glad that it’s OK to hang upside down, to believe in fairies, to seek the crock of gold, to adore Marmite sandwiches, to cry, to look for the monster under my bed and  to need cuddles.   

There’s no way I’m going to hide my inner child.   

How about you?   

What would you like to tell your 7-year-old self ?   

 And would you believe you?   

This post is entered for a series by abubakar jamil about the things we wish we’d known earlier in our lives.  The series can be seen at this site.  


Header image courtesy of abyreed on Flickr.



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8 responses to “7 Things I Wish I Could Say To My 7 Year-Old Self (But I Wouldn’t Believe Me…)

  1. Such a lovely post! My mum used to tell me to behave, too, and not to cry…
    I agree on all the points you made, thanks for sharing 🙂
    Off to make a Marmite sandwich.

  2. It’s ok to ask questions. Even if the adults don’t want to answer them, maybe they just don’t know the answers.

    • Questions, questions… guess it’s the only way to learn, even for us!

      Thanks for visiting. I hope the start of school goes well for you all. Ours start next week. Parents all over the Uk are sighing with relief as the circle of childhood begins again…the end of an era for some, beginning of a new one for others…

  3. Super post Linda
    Title reminds me of a quote…

    “Even if I knew you were telling the truth… I wouldn’t believe you.” LOL

    I agree with all your notes to self apart from…
    “It’s OK to adore Marmite sandwiches.” my wife and daughter would agree but me… YUK!

    BTW – love the photo.

    • I love the photo too, Keith. Sums up early childhood for me.
      About the Marmite… some of us have good taste… and some of us don’t…

      Thanks for dropping in.

  4. this is so BEAUTIFUL and it inspires the part of me that wants to believe in fairies again.

    thank you for writing this post

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