Looking For Something? New Direction! It’s Here!

Photo by Paolo Margari on Flickr


I lost my black velvet slippers. 

OK…they were old. 

Well past their ‘wear by’ date 

But they were comfortable and I wanted to find them. 

I turned the cottage upside down but no luck. They’d disappeared into thin air. I gave up and decided to buy some new ones. 

Weeks later I asked my OH to sort something on the computer for me. This involved crawling under my desk to fidddle with some wires. Right at the back where the spiders hide. 

‘Linda! You won’t believe what I’ve found!’ 

There they were –  right under my nose. I must have kicked them off under my desk and that’s where they’d been hiding.  

We’d been looking in the wrong place so we couldn’t have  found them… 


  • I need an idea to write about for you.

I start to search. I trawl my mind, consult books, go through my lists of ideas.  Zilch. A big fat nothing. 

Frustrated, I go downstairs to make a coffee and as I switch on the kettle… it comes to me. An idea. Being in my kitchen sparks off a thought. 

I’d been looking in the wrong place. The idea was right under my nose. 


  • I need a new writing project.

I go to the library, chat to writing friends, look in ‘Writing Magazine’, and then  this happens. 

I look out of my window… I live in what was a Victorian workhouse and  as I gaze into my tiny garden, I ‘see’ her.  An unmarried mother who lived here in the last century.  As I imagine our conversation I realise that here is my next project. Right under my nose. I will research the people who lived here and write an article about their lives. 

And that’s what I do. 


Are you … 

  • Looking for a new job?

Start right where you are. 

List your skills. Think of new ways to use them. 

What do people tell you you’re good at? What kind of job needs these skills ? 

The job you seek could be right under your nose. If you’re looking in the wrong place, you won’t find it.  


  • Looking for the solution to a problem?

Start where you are. 

Write it down. Now it won’t seem so bad. You’ve said it out loud. 

Now work out the one small step you can take today, towards solving this problem. 

Take that step. 

Now work out what the next small step might be… and so it gets solved. 

Not all at once. If it was that easy it wouldn’t be a problem. But if it matters to you, it matters. 

 The solution you seek could be right under your nose. If you’re looking in the wrong place, you won’t find it. 


  • Looking for a new direction?

New qualification? Want to volunteer? Want to find your ‘style’ in clothes or hair? 

Start right where you are. 

Look at what you have. 

What does your instinct tell you is right for you? 

What would you go for if you only had a month/6 months/year left? 

What have you always wanted to do but never got around to? 

 Trust me, I’m a Confidence coach! 

Whatever you’re searching for, start by looking ‘right under your nose’. 

Look carefully and you’ll be surprised what you’ll find. 


Looking for something?  

Where will you look? 


Header image courtesy of abbyreed on Flickr.

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