Ears Pierced While You Wait!

No, it doesn't hurt...


I laughed out loud when I saw the sign.  

It certainly caught my attention.  

‘Ears pierced while you wait!’  

Silly, isn’t it.   

Isn’t it?   

Or is it what we all crave?  

Instant gratification?  

‘What do we want? We want success! When do we want it? NOW!‘ , we roar.  

When we were children we’d have a tantrum if we didn’t get what we wanted now.  I hear it all the time, in the supermarket, embarrassed mums trying to calm their toddlers, who are having ‘paddies’.  

But we’re all grown up! Aren’t we? We don’t have tantrums, do we?  

Errrm, yes, we do.  

  • We want a new car. We try for a loan (or we did in the bad old days.) Because we don’t want to wait. We get angry when the loan’s refused.  We want that new car now.
  • We want a new autumn wardrobe. It’ll start getting cold soon. So we open a store card account. because we’re not prepared to wait until we have enough money. We want it now.
  • I want to be a well-respected and successful blogger.  But I have to wait. I have to do the work… (I ‘m trying not to have a tantrum….)

Waiting is good.  

Anticipation is good.  

Preparation is good.  

Have you ever noticed that the satisfaction that comes from instant gratification is fleeting?  

One of my clients is a shopaholic.  She is addicted to clothes shopping but she gets into debt because she loads up her credit card. She has very low self-esteem so buying gorgeous clothes makes her feel attractive. But… only for a few hours. Her low self-esteem is still there when she hangs up her new outfits because she doesn’t believe she’s pretty. What she sees in her mirror is not what I see.  The satisfaction is momentary.  

I’d like you to think about this:  

  • Whatever it is you’re hoping to achieve you need to wait. You need to put in the work. (Message to self re-my blogging goals. )
  • Easy isn’t best.  The satisfaction will evaporate like the autumn dew on the grass outside my window. In my experience lasting satisfaction is the reward we get for huge efforts. The greater the effort, the greater the satisfaction.  My face beams when I feel I’ve written a post that’s the best I know how to do.
  • Waiting pays dividends. A good friend gave me this advice.  He said this:

             ‘When you don’t know what to do, do nothing for at least 24 hours.’  

And guess what! It works!  If I wait, the solution usually arrives, when I least expect it.   


What is it that you ‘want’, at the moment?  

It’ll happen, if you put in the effort.   

Now I must leave all you ‘Spinners’ and do some learning.  And if I see an article entitled,  

‘How to build an amazing blog in 24 hours’  

I’ll press Delete…   


What have you achieved, with great effort, that made you feel proud?  

Header image courtesy of abbyreed and piercing photo by Almightymo, both on Flickr.



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4 responses to “Ears Pierced While You Wait!

  1. Carsma

    Nothing not ever, I wish I did.

    Carol x

  2. Carol, You’ve just given me an idea to write about!

    I’ll get on to it straight away.


    Thanks for starting us off!

  3. christine

    A 2.1 degree at the age of 43 – three years of hard work and one of the few things I started AND finished…

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