Why You Must Rock That Boat To Make That Change


‘It’s all too much!’ 

‘I don’t know where to start!’ 

I’ve been reading about stress and how to deal with it.

It’s so common.

Many of my clients have told me …

  • I think I’m hopeless.
  • My life is one big muddle.
  • I wake up everyday with a headache.
  • I’m overwhelmed.

I tell them: ‘You must rock the boat!’

Dr Phil writes in his book ‘Life Strategies’ that we are all accountable for what happens to us. And, yes! He’s talking about you too!

Here’s the thing …

You are not a victim. 

So what’s the solution?

How do you magic the stress away?

It’s time …

1.   Time to acknowledge your responsibility for your situation. 

You cannot blame others for where you are because …

  • You made the choices that led to the situation you find your self in.
  • You allowed the behaviour that you don’t like to continue.
  • You failed to take action.

2.   Time to sit down quietly and think about this…

If you could make one change in your daily life that would bring a smile to your face, what would it be?

One client said this:

‘I’ve never really focused on what I want to do. I don’t like to rock the boat.’

Well – just one problem –

if he doesn’t rock the boat, nothing will happen. Everything will stay the same… 

3.   Time to start rocking that boat.

Write down exactly what you want to change.

  • I want to be more consistent with my children. Result? Less stress
  • I want to stop commuting. Result? Less stress.
  • I want to feel valued in my work. Result? Less stress.
  • I want to go back to work now the children are at school. Result? Less stress.
  • I want to have less to do in my day. Result?  Less stress,
  • I want to say ‘no’ to having my in-laws for Easter Sunday lunch … again. Guess what? Less stress all round.

It’s time.

4.   Time to make a plan and rock that boat.

As soon as you do, the stress will begin to lift.

To sum up …

We are all responsible for where we are today, 

and … we are all responsible for where we’ll be tomorrow. 

‘You just can’t keep walking away. At some point you have to turn round and face life head on.’ 

Chris Cleave in his novel – ‘The Other Hand.’

 So …

Are you going to rock that boat? 



We want to know! 

Image courtesy of http://www.quidditchcanada.com/athletes-trick-beating-stress/


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5 responses to “Why You Must Rock That Boat To Make That Change

  1. Hi Lindy thanks you have helped me alot. I just thought I would tell you about what I am doing now. I am going back to belly dancing next week. I have voluntered to do lunches at our community centre. I now do not only hospital radio but do a show for our new community radio The Park. I am on every sunday night from 10pm it is on line at the moment but we will be live on fm in october. if you would like to listen to my show it is http://www.thepark.fm. Hope you enjoy it. I hear we could be meeting at last very soon. thanks again . Marea

  2. I have just found you from a comment you left on Marelisa’s abundance blog and am so glad I did. I really am in a rut at the moment as I have just expressed on my own blog post so I really need to rock the boat instead of continuing my life sitting in stagnant water!!! I don’t quite know how I am going to rock the boat yet but I may just start with a haircut and wardrobe update!

    • Simone, Welcome to Postive Spin.
      I hope you enjoy it and decide to sign up and join my ‘Spinners’ for regular posts.
      Do let us all know when (not if!) you get that new hair cut. What’s the worst that can happen? You might like it!

  3. yes Christmas is near
    your suggestion rocks!

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