The Easy Way To Make 21 Decisions

I talk to myself. 

A lot. 

It helps me work stuff out. 

Stuff like decisions. 


Perhaps I need to decide: 

  • Whether to say goodbye to summer and turn up the heating
  • Whether to write that difficult email
  • Whether to have fish for dinner
  • Whether to use fake tan
  • Whether to try online banking
  • Whether to adopt a rescue cat
  • Whether to change my hairstyle (sorry, male Spinners…)

Or I might have to make bigger decisions like: 

  • Whether to make that dentist’s appointment
  • Whether to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to an invitation to a ball
  • Whether to make that awkward phone call
  • Whether to spend a whole day sleeping
  • Whether to re-organise my garden
  • Whether to buy an i-phone
  • Whether to get expensive tickets to see James Taylor in concert

Or… even bigger ones: 

  • Whether to move house
  • Whether to leave my job
  • Whether to change my car
  • Whether to book a solo trip to China
  • Whether to take refresher driving lessons
  • Whether to accept an invitation to visit South Africa
  • Whether to go away for Christmas

Listen to yourself... it works!


In all these decisions, and they’re all real ones I’ve had to make, I relied on my gut feeling, my intuition. 

But, I hear you asking, how do you know you made the right decision if you only ‘asked your gut feeling’? 

And  here’s my answer: 

When I’d decided, in every case, I asked myself if I felt relieved. 

If I did, then my instinct was right. If I didn’t, then it was wrong. 

In every case, I felt relieved about the decision I’d made. 

I’ve discovered that my instinct gives me a feeling of calm when I’ve been undecided. 

I know from experience (there had to be one advantage to getting older….) that my instinct is always right. It ‘knows’ what’s best for me. 

It’s a feeling I get. 

A bit spooky, I know, but I suppose another way to put it is, it’s listening with your feelings. 

And the more I use this method of making decisions, the more I know my gut instincts work in my favour. 

Richard Branson said

‘I rely far more on gut instinct than researching huge amounts of statistics’. 

I don’t know about you, but if it’s good enough for Richard Branson, it’s good enough for me. 

Now… I need to make another decision …what to write about next time… 


Do you follow your instincts when making decisions? 

Do you believe it helps? 

Has it ever let you down?



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3 responses to “The Easy Way To Make 21 Decisions

  1. Making the decision is just the first part. Making things happen, it’s different.
    For example, I’D LOVE to spend one day sleeping, but my body doesn’t let me 🙂

  2. not always
    but i know when i made the wrong one
    i am disturbed.
    so maybe instinct helps
    i don’t know if all the time
    but it sure did help me
    so many times

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