I’ve Come Out Of The Closet – So Can You!

I’m standing at the entrance.  

I glance round, furtively, just in case…  

…just in case I see someone I know.  

I scuttle inside, avoiding all eye-contact.  

It’s my first time and I feel embarrassed.  

I’ve never been in a ‘Pound Shop’ before.  

Nothing on sale in here costs more than £1!  

Hey! It’s bound to be rubbish, not worth a look.  

But as I wander around I find all sorts. Well known branded goods, normally costing far more, not shop-soiled or damaged, all at £1.  

Very soon my basket fills up and I’m grinning to myself as I head for the checkout.  

I’ve learnt a valuable Life-lesson  and I’d like to share it with you.  

What makes us prejudiced about stuff?  

What are we afraid  of?  

Why are we afraid of it?  

from TakenByTina


Here’s a list of things I’ve been prejudiced about over the years.  

  • garden gnomes
  • opera
  • men wearing gold bracelets
  • Pound Shops
  • tattoos
  • multiple piercings
  • Lambrusco wine
  • men on loud motor bikes
  • crocs (the shoes, not the animal…)
  • coloured hair
  • casinos

I’m not proud of this list.  But I’ve come out of the closet and admitted my prejudices.  

I’m pleased to say I’ve left nearly all of them behind but I do wonder what causes them in the first place. I think it’s a combination of :  

  • ignorance of the true facts
  • snobbery
  • not wanting to stand out from the crowd
  • wanting to ‘fit in’
  • not wanting to be the only one who doesn’t agree
  • being too easily influenced by what others say
  • being too embarrassed to hold a different opinion

Arrogance – that’s what it is!  

Every one should be entitled to lead their lives without people like me showing their  prejudices. The more I think about it, the more ashamed I feel.  

Nowadays I try very hard to accept people for who they are, not according to their piercings or gold bracelets.  

Over to you!  

Do you have prejudices?  

Is that OK?  

Or not?  

And where did yours come from?  

We’d all love to hear your views.  

I think you know where to write them…!  

‘The mind is like a parachute. It works best when it’s open.’  


Header image courtesy of abbyreed on Flickr.


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