The Life-Lesson I Learnt From The Harley Rider (And The Very Fat Lady)


Are you judgemental?

Do you make snap opinions about someone solely on what they look like?

I used to do it all the time.

That is, until I learnt an invaluable lesson …

Picture the idyllic scene –

I’m sitting with my OH  in the spring sunshine, sipping white wine.

We’re outside  a favourite ‘hostelry’ of ours, set in a chocolate-box village of thatched cottages.



Heaven on earth, you might say.

But not for long… 

From out of nowhere, it seems, comes the thunderous roar of a Harley.

‘Oh, for goodness sake!’ I moan, pursing my lips. ‘That’s all we need!’

How true!

It was exactly what we needed. 

Picture the same idyllic scene, 10 minutes later.

The Harley is parked against the fence next to our bench seat, the Harley rider is sitting with us and we’re finding out all about him, his bike, his family, his life! He was such an interesting man.

But when he first roared up and ‘spoiled’ our peace, we moaned and groaned…

Then there was the Very Fat Lady. 

I’m on a white sandy beach on holiday. (No, not in the UK, silly…)

I’m walking in the warm water, gazing around at palm trees,

( told you it wasn’t in the UK…)

clear skies and swimmers, when…

there she was!

An Extremely Fat Lady. (Sorry to use the ‘F’ word.)

I know I shouldn’t have but I’m ashamed to admit it, I stared over at her. For ages.

She was enjoying the warm sea, splashing about like I was.

And then …

she came over and started talking to me…  


She was soooooo interesting. She was head of a school in the USA and was absolutely fascinating.

We chatted for ages before arranging to meet up with her and her husband later, for

dinner, as we were staying in the same hotel.

I was so pleased I’d met her. She taught me a lesson.

Every time I meet someone new nowadays, I think of the Harley rider and the lady.

They taught me to stop judging ‘books’ by their covers.  

 I know first impressions are important. 

But… I needed to be taught to look beyond the obvious or I’d miss getting to know so many lovely, fascinating, rare people.

How about you? 

Do you find it hard not to judge people by their appearance?

Especially if they’re eccentric or a bit ‘out of the ordinary’?

Are you judgemental?

If you are, pause and picture the Harleyman  and the Very Fat Lady.

Do tell us about times when you’ve been judgemental and regretted it, in the comments.

Header image by abyreed, on Flickr.

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One response to “The Life-Lesson I Learnt From The Harley Rider (And The Very Fat Lady)

  1. nope
    because i am often misjudged
    at the first glance
    so i know how it feels.
    what i’m sure of
    is that there is something more
    behind the first encounter.

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