How Failure Can Turn You Into A Happy Bunny (Part 3)

My stomach churns.  

I hardly dare look.  

She hands me the pages.  

Covered with red ink.  

‘It’s good so far’, she says. ‘But may I make a few suggestions?’  

No… it wasn’t my Maths homework. This happened about two weeks ago. It was the first draft of my book, edited by a professional editor.  

‘I’d like you to do some more research. It’ll add a lot to the book, but…. it’s your work, you must decide what’s best.’  

I was not a happy bunny.  

It felt exactly the same as having my Maths homework returned with loads of corrections to do.  

Let’s face it – my pride was hurt.  

Why wasn’t it OK as it was?  

Why did I have to do more research?  

Why wasn’t it a masterpiece already?  


Picture the scene two weeks later.  

I’d researched for hours on the net, added several thousand words, re-arranged some of the chapters, changed some titles and felt quietly confident with the result. In short –  

I was a happy bunny.  

I knew she was right...


No-one likes to be corrected. Not really.  

Especially as an adult.  

It’s hard to admit when we haven’t got it quite right and need to do more work.  

But failing to write the perfect ‘first draft’ of my book taught me a lesson.  

It also illustrated the last two of my…  

6 Reasons That Failure Is Good For You.  

5.   ‘Failure’ shows you how you can, and should, improve.  

      Just when you think you’ve got it right, perhaps you haven’t.  Perhaps you ‘could do better’.  

6.   Failure shows you that nothing achieved easily brings satisfaction.  

I shall be so proud when I truly have finished and my editor tells me it’s ready for publication.  


Over to you!  

  • What have you worked extra hard on and finally completed with pride?
  • What have you failed at but secretly known you should have done more to succeed?
  • What has failure, in any sense, taught you?

All thoughts in the comments please!  


Header image by abyreed on Flickr.  

Rabbit photo by hans s on Flickr.  




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8 responses to “How Failure Can Turn You Into A Happy Bunny (Part 3)

  1. Dia

    Hi Linda,

    We always can learn from our mistakes and we learn from all experiences, so we grow as human beings. Thanks for sharing Linda

    • Good to see you here, Dia!

      The one problem with writing is that the more you read it through, the more you tweak. It’s knowing when it’s ‘good enough’ that’s hard!

  2. christine

    Aw, Linda, you were very brave to put yourself on the spot for that sort of criticism even if it was for all the right reasons…my skin is far too thin! But I’m glad that you found it a useful experience and have improved your draft…can’t wait to read the finished project…well done!!!

    • Sometimes we can get complacent about what we do and for me, the editor was just what was needed. Always room for improvement!
      Thanks for joining in Christine.

  3. Don’t be too hard on yourself Linda. Feedback to improve your writing is not a failure, it’s just getting you closer to success.

    Remember the necessity of the struggle,



    • Yes, you’re right, Darren. I re-read your post and it’s an excellent illustration of trying to succeed. I don’t want my ‘wings’ damaged – I must take my time… Thanks for the reminder…

  4. What have you worked extra hard on and finally completed with pride? – Loosing 30 lbs!

    What have you failed at but secretly known you should have done more to succeed? – Gaining it back!

    What has failure, in any sense, taught you? – Don’t loose sight of the goal and don’t stop working hard! I’m sharing this to you also, as I would love to see that book. Can you feel the texture of the pages right now?

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