Say No And Take Control

I'll have to get back to you...

The phone rings.

Here it comes:

‘Hi! How are you?’

‘I’m fine thanks, how’re things with you?’

‘Fine. I just wondered what you’re doing on Saturday?’

Stop! Right there! Don’t do it! Don’t admit you’re free!

Just take a deep breath and say this:

I haven’t got my diary with me right now. Why do you ask?’

And she goes on to invite you to babysit her horrendous kids/help her sort out her garage/go to an exercise class (horrors all round.)

This is where you use my

Simple way To Take Control.

Remember, you’re not rejecting the person,

you are simply rejecting the invitation.

And….there’s no need to explain.

Simply say, when you’ve looked in your ‘diary’,

Saturday doesn’t work for me, I’ve made plans.’

No! It’s not a lie!

You have, for sure, made plans-

You want a day to yourself.

  • to sleep
  • eat chocolate cake
  • watch garbage TV
  • read
  • veg out

I repeat: There is absolutely, 100%, no need to explain.



  • You have the right to be you.
  • You have the right to choose how to spend your time.
  • You have the right to do exactly what you want to do. Full stop. End of.

You can follow this by suggesting another time to get together, or not, whatever you wish.

Follow your gut feeling on this one.

But…. please…. do not cave in and agree to do whatever it is, if you know you don’t want to.

If you do, you’ll set a precedent and she/he’ll ask you next time and expect another ‘yes’.

Just keep it simple.

Take control.

Say no, with a smile on your face.

Header image courtesy of cursedthing on Flickr


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4 responses to “Say No And Take Control

  1. Dia

    Hi Linda,

    Nice post on how to take control. We all need time for ourselves and this solutions helps us to get just that when someone calls. Thanks for sharing

  2. christine

    Now why didn’t I read this before I said ‘yes’? Can you write about getting out of something after you’ve agreed, Linda? Oh well, how does the saying go – this is a far, far better thing I do now…

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