Just Want To Share My Good News

I know,

two posts in one day, sorry,

but, forgive me, I wanted to share my good news with all you Spinners…

I’ve added this news to the side bar but you may have missed it.

I’ve been invited to write once a week for a ‘How to’  blogging site.

Needless to say  I’m very pleased and excited!

All I have to do now, is work hard to keep up with the high standard already on We Blog Better…

A bit more time in front of this machine…

But I’m not complaining…

Any excuse to write…!

So it’s cakes all round again!

Oh, go on... you know you want to!


Header image by cursedthing, post image by aj stephens, both on Flickr.



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4 responses to “Just Want To Share My Good News

  1. on your way to dreamland..
    you’ll gonna be very busy
    but nevertheless happy.
    piece of cake!

  2. christine

    Congratulations! I’ll look forward to visiting and reading your weekly post at the other site…and thanks for the cake too, can I have one of those luscious-looking green ones please?

    PS How’s the book coming along?

    • Consider it yours, Chistine. But surely you can manage two?

      The book will be out early in 2011. Just the cover design and a few bits and pieces and I’ll be there.
      I’ve added the book info to the My Writing page above.

      Thanks for your comment!

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