How Would You Use An Extra Hour In Your Day?


You have an 'extra hour'...

We’re all so very busy being busy, aren’t we? We have our ‘To Do’ lists, our shopping lists, our ‘The Sky Will Fall In If I Don’t Do This Today’ lists….

How often do you hear someone say, ‘There just aren’t enough hours in the day’?

It’s that time of year again.

The clocks’ went back’ this weekend in the UK. We had to trawl around the house altering every timer and clock, moving the hands backwards so we’d have that ‘extra hour’. It’s what we all want, isn’t it? An extra hour in our day?

OK, we only get it once a year and most of us spend it sleeping but never the less, the whole process started me thinking about what we’d all do if there were 25 hours in our days all the time!

A few years ago my OH and I decided to hold an impromptu ‘Extra Hour’ party.   At midnight we all changed our watches and spent the extra hour dancing and celebrating.  And then I thought, ‘Hey! We would have done this anyway, without the extra hour… ‘

Would we really value a ’25th hour?’

I thought it would be interesting  to ask you how you would spend your 25th hour, if it was permanent.

Would you:

  • do the same as you do now and then make the extra hour special in some way, tagging in on to the end of your 24 hours?
  • add a new ‘activity’ to your 25 hour day?
  • simply allow longer for certain tasks that you know you rush at the moment?
  • get up  later?
  • go to bed later?
  • use it writing that novel you never have time for?
  • waste it?

I think we’d all get used to it, wouldn’t we and simply do exactly what we do now. But it’s good to think about whether we waste time, rush, dawdle, procrastinate, day-dream, sleep, shop, yet still complain that there aren’t enough hours in the day.

How about you?

A whole hour! Extra! To use as you like!

How would you use that ‘extra hour’ if it was a permanent add-on to your day?


Header image by cursedthing, post image by Len Reynolds, on Flickr.



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6 responses to “How Would You Use An Extra Hour In Your Day?

  1. christine

    OOoh, I’m so glad you added that link to your ‘wasting time’ post. The idea makes me cross! I don’t believe time can ever be wasted and the idea we have to be busy, busy, busy is like offal to a vegetarian for me!

    By the way, good morning, Linda!

  2. I agree, Christine. I’ve just been day-dreaming for about 10 minutes and it certainly wasn’t a waste fo time…

  3. Dia

    Hi Linda,

    I think what it comes down to is how we manage our time. If we manage our time correctly, we will accomplish what we want. Thanks for sharing

  4. When it only happens one a year, I enjoy an extra hour of sleep. But, if it was permanent change, I think I’d start out with the best of intentions, maybe another hour of reading a great book or catching up with loved ones. The gift is how to keep it up…

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