Hey! We Have a Guest! Look For The Good in People; it’s Better for You

I’m very excited!
We have a Guest!

I’m delighted to introduce Kiesha Easley, from weblogbetter. She has written this post for us here on Positive Spin and you can read all about her here.

I know you’ll all make her welcome and pay her the compliment of leaving some comments.

One sunny afternoon, my hubby and I were driving Downtown and we saw a guy riding a pink girls’ bike.

The guy looked a little unkempt, and seeing him on it piqued my curiosity, so I said, “What in the world is that guy doing on that bike?”

“He probably stole it,” my hubby replied.

“Why would he do that? It’s probably the only bike he could afford; probably got it from a thrift store or something…”

“There you go, always trying to find the good in people. Why can’t you just accept the fact that people aren’t that good? Some little girl is somewhere crying about that bike and here you are making excuses for him.”

“That poor man is probably on his way to work. Maybe he works at a construction site and had no other way to get there.” I quipped back.

“Like I said…” my hubby continued, “You’ve just got to see the good in people…”

Now, neither of us really knew what this guy’s story was, but each of us had created scenarios based on our opinions. We’re probably both wrong, the guy could’ve been riding his daughter’s bike home after getting a tire repaired for all we know… or he really could’ve done something terrible.

But regardless, we could’ve gone on all day creating scenarios about that guy, and no matter what, I would’ve continued to choose the positive side.

Why, you ask?
Because you get what you look for – you look for the good, that’s what you get.

People who insist on focusing only on the bad are more likely to be grumpy and angry all of the time. They tend to believe others are out to get them – when that’s not the case at all.

These people build walls around themselves that they believe will shield them from the bad without realizing that it’s also shielding them from the good.

While they’re trying to protect themselves, they’re missing out on the best in life; the good and the humanity that resides in all of mankind.

Looking for the good in others might seem a little delusional, especially in a world where serial killers run rampant and war is the norm. I’m not pretending those things don’t exist, but I make a conscious choice not let it control my opinions.

I look for the good in people because it helps me to see the good that is within me. It takes the sting away from the fact that I; that none of us can ever be perfect. It allows me to keep my good mood and helps me forget the times people have done me wrong. It’s a far more nourishing way to live.

It’s funny, because people seem to be divided – they are either pessimistic or optimistic about the nature of people and life in general.

What about you?
Are you leaning to one side or another? Do you always notice the bad or the good in others and why?

Kiesha blogs at WeBlogBetter.com. She’s a writer, writing instructor, and blog consultant for small business owners. Connect with her on Twitter @weblogbetter

Header image from cursedthing, post image from woofiegrrl, on Flickr.



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8 responses to “Hey! We Have a Guest! Look For The Good in People; it’s Better for You

  1. Hi Kiesha & Linda
    I am also the glass half full person and your story about the pink bike made me laugh because it is the story of my life. I’m always been told that I’m naiive because of my natural inclination to see good before bad. But I say that if you see the good first then you’re just giving the person the benefit of the doubt which so often brings something new and interesting into your life. Otherwise you are simply dismissing so much of who-ever and whatever you encounter before giving them/it a chance and who knows what chance of enlightenment, fun or love that you will miss out on as a result. Thanks for a beautiful post!

  2. Hi Rosemary,
    I’m so glad to be in such great company. It is so much better to be positive. I don’t see it as naivete, I see it as a conscious choice that I make daily.

    Thanks, Linda for allowing me to share my post with your readers.

  3. christine

    Hello both!

    I noticed that I tended to think the worse about people a while ago and yes, it was a defence mechanism. I’d adopted a number of fairly negative ways of thinking and I think it is only me who really suffered so now I work hard to see the good, look for the positive and to see the other side…

    PS – my dad rode my bike across London once…but it wasn’t pink, it was blue but still a bit too small for him…long story why but thanks for the reminder!!!

  4. I bet that guy is a bored artist
    who instead of painting that bike rainbow
    opt for pink because he felt that he’s cute.
    And I want to meet that guy!
    Because that guy
    will definitely teach me a lot of new things,
    for sure!
    Yup that’s another scenario
    but hey got to see the positive side of it
    because the ride uphill is not easy
    with negativity on the back.
    Thanks Kiesha and Linda
    for the fun pink ride!

  5. Hi Christine,
    I can remember giving in to negative thoughts years ago. It did nothing but make me absolutely miserable.

    Hi Bended Spoon,
    I love that scenario!

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