Blogs I Love

I find this blog uplifting. It helps me notice the ‘small stuff’.  I think the accompanying book comes out in the UK soon…

Jean helps improve my blog in every way. She’s a great teacher for ‘Virgin Bloggers’.

Marc and Angel inspire me when I’m flagging. They point me in the right direction.

Darren Rowse has taught me so much and I look forward to learning more from this ‘user friendly’ site.

‘B+Positive – Random thoughts from a guy with nine lives.’

Ken Jones shares his positive attitude, a ‘must read’ for inspiration. 

(Ken’s having a break from blogging for a while – hope to see him back soon.)

Jeffrey Tang writes about getting inspired and making great things happen. A ray of sunshine for a gloomy day.

Kristi gives wise advice about the art of blogging.

I write for Keisha and her team, helping and encouraging new bloggers.

You have to pop over and take  a look.  Leo Babauta ‘finds simplicity in the daily chaos of life.’

This is one of the top 25 blogs world-wide and has 2oo,ooo readers.



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