Confidence Coaching

When I tell people what I do, they say:

‘Confidence Coaching? What’s that all about?’

I ask them to think about it like this – 

It’s like having a personal trainer for living a more confident life.

And how does it work?

I listen to what you want to change in your life and


we make a realistic plan to make those changes.


So… are you…

  • ‘Stuck’ in a job or a difficult personal situation?
  • Hesitant to return to work?
  • Finding it hard to say ‘no’?
  • Feeling lost?
  • Unsure where to turn?

And would you like to be…

  • Dealing with your difficult situation?
  • Happily back in employment?
  • Able to sayNo’ with confidence?
  • Motivated and supported, feeling good about yourself?

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What would YOU do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Linda Hewett  

Confidence Coach and Writer  


2 responses to “Confidence Coaching

  1. xxxSummerxxx

    Hi Ya,
    Its weird isn’t it how we can be a certain way and long to change but given the opportunity to be offered a way out can be as equally daunting.I have come so far since being a child,Im happier in myself and my confidence has grown but theres still that lack of confidence in certain or many situations although to meet me you wouldnt believe it….I’m 45 in June but often I’m transported back in time to being a very shy timid child. O to be “normal” ….

    • Hi Summer,
      Yes, it’s weird… but if you believe you can change and you really want to change, then you’ll succeed.

      I hope you’ll keep reading and posting comments here.

      Great to have you on board!