My Writing

I’m never happier than when I’m writing. 

At the moment I’m writing a book based on the logbooks of my local village school. It encompasses many features of education in rural schools in England from 1867 to 1967. It’s fun to write and I hope it will be fun to read!It will be published early in 2011, all profits to the school.

I have written short stories, features and articles. I wrote a piece about a suspected  Guy Fawkes saboteur, an ex scholar of Winchester college.  Just  type ‘Parboiled head, anyone?’ into the ‘search’ box when you get to the  Scribd site.

I live in a cottage in a converted workhouse and was fascinated to write about one of the  residents, Ellen, who lived here in 1881. This article was one of several, published in a local newspaper.  

I’ll write about any subject that captures my imagination and interest.   A recent trip to China resulted in my write-up being featured in a national magazine.

As a spin-off from my Confidence Coaching I have written a short Self-Help book called,

‘Choose Confidence – Step by Step.’ I hope to publish it as an ebook.

So…why am I writing this blog?

I hope that the discipline of writing something worthwhile every day and posting it three days a week, will develop my writing skills, as well as encouraging you to…

Look for the Positive Spin that makes a difference.




3 responses to “My Writing

  1. Penny

    Your blog is a great new way of showing your writing. Well done!

    And also for getting to grips with blog world – an example to us all. II do not quite get blogging, but will follow you, Linda!)


  2. Carol Donaldson

    Hi, me again. Should have explored your Home page more and then I would have seen what you write, without having to ask…. as I said all new to me.

    Carol p.s. well done on the publications

  3. Dai Henley

    Hi Linda,
    welll done for coming up with something positive EVERY day! Loved the piece about your mum and the unworn gifts – very thought provoking.
    Keep up the good work.

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