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Who Wants to Time Travel With Me?

‘Oh please, dad! Please!’

Dad slowly opens our back door. It’s dark but I can see the flakes in the beam of the outside light.

‘Oh, wow! It is! It is!’

My brother and I squeak and squeak and my face is one enormous grin.

Next morning the snow is really deep. The cat refuses to set paw outside but we can’t wait. Dad gets the wooden sledge he made us, out of the shed and we pull on hats and gloves and scarves. 

Magical. But not just when I was a child.

It was magical today.  

We pulled on our hats, gloves and scarves but this time I had my OH with me, not my brother. We trudged up the lane, stopping every few minutes to exclaim at the beauty around us. Everything seemed to be wearing a ‘hat’, every twig and every fence post. Birds danced and darted, searching for a drink, dogs were up to their tummies in snow and parked cars were shrouded in white fur puffer jackets.

Then came the best bit!

We joined our neighbours and their children who were sledging on an open slope on the edge of the village. Brightly coloured sledges contrasted with the white-out, flasks of coffee steamed and wet gloves were abandoned.

‘Want to have a go, Linda?’

One of our friends was laughing as he offered me his child’s sledge. To his, and my, surprise I heard myself say, ‘Love to!’ and I sat down and grabbed the rope, with the confidence and fearlessness of a child. He gave me a push and I was off, shrieking and squealing down the slope. I was Time Travelling, ten years old again, loving the chill on my cheeks, not a care in the world.

Watch out! There's a child about!

I will remember today because…

  • I re-discovered my inner child
  • I delighted in my sense of fun
  • I took pleasure in the small things
  • I smiled at everyone and they smiled back
  • I noticed every twig, branch, roof top, fence, gate, paw-print
  • I spoke to every one and they spoke back
  • I ignored the slushy stuff in the road
  • I lived every second of this amazing day
  • I marvelled at my world

Hold on a minute!

Why can’t I do all those things every day?

I think I can.

And, I’m sure, so can you.

When did you last Time Travel and re-discover your inner child?

What do you wish you could still enjoy that you enjoyed back then?



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3 Simple Ways To Make This Your Most Positive Day…Ever!

‘You’ll just have to wait.’   

‘You can have some sweets later.’   

‘In a minute.’   

Yes… that was my mum.   

I always had to wait…   

until later…   

but later never seemed to arrive.   

In this post I wrote about how my mum saved many of the gifts we gave her ‘for best’ and ‘best’ never came.   

She seemed unable to give herself permission to enjoy herself, possibly as a result of her childhood.  Much of this habit was passed on to me and I have struggled to ‘give myself permission’ to enjoy myself ever since. I’m pleased to say I’m much better now but something happened yesterday that made me sit up and think about how to make every day as positive as I can.   

A very good friend collapsed in a coffee shop.   

He was unconscious and turned blue.  The crash team were worried but, thankfully, he recovered.  He’d suffered a seizure. Very scary and very shocking for everyone but particularly for him of course.   

I have learnt some important lessons from this event and would like to pass it on to all you ‘Spinners’.   

3 Simple Ways To Make this Day Your Most Positive Day Ever!   

Yes! You're allowed to have fun!


1.   Give yourself permission.   

  • Whatever will delight your day and make you smile – just go for it.
  • Perhaps you’d like to stop ironing/cleaning/writing/driving for 10 minutes to go and breathe the fresh air with your eyes closed? Go for it.
  • Perhaps you’d like to stop whatever you’re doing for a few minutes and listen to your favourite track and dance, unseen, around your room? (Unless you’re in a public place of course…)  Go for it!

2.   Whatever you’ve been putting off… do it!   

Take one tiny step towards doing whatever it is…   

  • Booking a weekend away? Go for it!
  • Going surfing for the first time? Go for it!
  • Starting a piano class? Go for it!

3.   Always remember – today is all there is.   

It’s always going to be ‘today’. Tomorrow never comes.   


  • Add some small things to your diary to enjoy today. Small things count, like listening to the rising wind, appreciating the slight, subtle coolness in the late August air, tasting the sparkle in a glass of fizzy water, noticing the feel of your pet’s summer coat.
  • Pay attention to your OH or whoever you love and care about. Make them a drink when they don’t expect it, take out the rubbish without being asked, gently smooth away their worries.  Or even, as I read today on Jane’s site, write a love note…
  • Give yourself a break – you’re doing the best you know how to do. Take pleasure in that.

So, my friends, how are you going to make today your most positive day ever?    

And then…do it again tomorrow…   

  ‘Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.’ Anon. ( I think.)


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15 Steps To Overcome Your Anxiety…

Fear has the biggest eyes of all...


Is this you?    

  • What if … I’m late?
  • What if … I fail my exam?
  • What if … I get toothache?
  • What if … I get stuck in traffic?
  • What if … he/she  doesn’t ring me?
  • What if … he/she does?
  • What if … there’s a spider in the corner?
  • What if … he/she dumps me?
  • What if … it rains?
  • What if … the sky falls in???

I’d be telling fibs if I said I never feel anxious.    

We all do.    

But for some of us it can be crippling and affect many aspects of our lives.    

That’s sad.    

It’s more than sad, it’s a pain in the ###.    

The point is… what can we do about it?    

Many years ago I had agoraphobia.    

I couldn’t even go out in my garden without crippling anxiety. I thought I was going to faint, collapse, fall over.  Everything was moving, I was unsteady on my feet and I couldn’t drive unless I had someone with me.    

My husband would take me to the supermarket and I wouldn’t let him out of my sight.    

A few years later I was sitting on a plane alone, on my way to Florida to visit friends. I’d coped with the airport (feared crowded place), sitting on the plane (enclosed, trapped situation), dealing with a flight delay, (waiting was something I’d been unable to do without huge anxiety) and now I was fine.    

Here are my 15 steps to help overcome your anxiety.    

  1. I faced it. I acknowledged there was a problem
  2. I was determined.
  3. I asked for professional help.
  4. I made a plan, with help.
  5. I followed the steps I was given.
  6. I didn’t expect instant success.
  7. I accepted there would be bad days.
  8. I talked to others in the same position.
  9. I asked for support.
  10. I only dealt with one anxious situation at a time.
  11. I went at my own pace.
  12. I practised what was difficult.
  13. I gave myself rewards for each small step.
  14. I accepted that life will always have some anxieties.
  15. I learnt to change my attitude to what was beyond my control.


Whatever you are anxious about, you can take these steps to overcome it.     

‘If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine.’    

Morris West    


Are you motivated to deal with your anxieties?    

When are you going to begin?    

How about today?   

I wrote this post in response to Thumper on her site about Anxiety.

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What Are You Saving It For?

It was a stunning dress.  

It had smocking on the front and it was pale blue velvet and I loved it.  

‘Remember, it’s only for special occasions!’ mum warned.  

I used to gaze at it in my wardrobe, caressing the soft velvet, even trying it on and doing a twirl in front of my dressing table mirror.  

It wasn’t only the dress that was reserved for special occasions. There was jewellery, shoes – especially my first pair of heels – a new coat, pretty gloves.  

It was just the way it was when I was growing up.  

Mum seemed unable to ‘treat herself’ to anything (apart from Cadbury’s chocolate). She never had her hair done, or bought new clothes, it simply wasn’t her way. Perhaps it was the result of war-time austerity, I don’t know, but even dad found it hard to persuade her to enjoy treats.  

At Christmas, on birthdays and anniversaries through the years my father, brother and I gave her all sorts of gifts. There were lace handkerchiefs, brooches, ‘pearl’ necklaces, cardigans, blouses, all chosen with love.  

For 'best'


 ‘I’ll save them’, she’d say. ‘For ‘best’.’  

After mum died my daughter and I were sorting through her things, and we came across one particular drawer that saddened us more than the rest.  

We found unopened boxes of lace handkerchiefs, brooches in their wrapping, necklaces, cardigans, blouses, all as new as the day she received them, all unworn, unused.  

She’d been saving them for ‘special occasions’ and now it was too late.  


How about you?  

  • Do you wear all your jewellery?
  • Do you keep clothes for ‘best’?
  • Are there unworn items waiting in your wardrobe?
  • Do you have shoes that you’ve never worn?
  • Are you ‘saving’ that unopened perfume?

Do you have  

  • skills that you  don’t use?
  • a sketch book that you’ll enjoy ‘one day’? 
  • cookery books that don’t get used?
  • a gift for writing/singing/ that remains unused?
  • an ambition to learn the piano ‘one day’?
  • a plan to grow your own vegetables ‘one day’?

Remember this – tomorrow never comes.  

Don’t fill your ‘drawer’ with unfulfilled hopes, dreams and plans.  

Today is that ‘special occasion.’  

What will you take out of your’drawer’ today?


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