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Who Wants to Time Travel With Me?

‘Oh please, dad! Please!’

Dad slowly opens our back door. It’s dark but I can see the flakes in the beam of the outside light.

‘Oh, wow! It is! It is!’

My brother and I squeak and squeak and my face is one enormous grin.

Next morning the snow is really deep. The cat refuses to set paw outside but we can’t wait. Dad gets the wooden sledge he made us, out of the shed and we pull on hats and gloves and scarves. 

Magical. But not just when I was a child.

It was magical today.  

We pulled on our hats, gloves and scarves but this time I had my OH with me, not my brother. We trudged up the lane, stopping every few minutes to exclaim at the beauty around us. Everything seemed to be wearing a ‘hat’, every twig and every fence post. Birds danced and darted, searching for a drink, dogs were up to their tummies in snow and parked cars were shrouded in white fur puffer jackets.

Then came the best bit!

We joined our neighbours and their children who were sledging on an open slope on the edge of the village. Brightly coloured sledges contrasted with the white-out, flasks of coffee steamed and wet gloves were abandoned.

‘Want to have a go, Linda?’

One of our friends was laughing as he offered me his child’s sledge. To his, and my, surprise I heard myself say, ‘Love to!’ and I sat down and grabbed the rope, with the confidence and fearlessness of a child. He gave me a push and I was off, shrieking and squealing down the slope. I was Time Travelling, ten years old again, loving the chill on my cheeks, not a care in the world.

Watch out! There's a child about!

I will remember today because…

  • I re-discovered my inner child
  • I delighted in my sense of fun
  • I took pleasure in the small things
  • I smiled at everyone and they smiled back
  • I noticed every twig, branch, roof top, fence, gate, paw-print
  • I spoke to every one and they spoke back
  • I ignored the slushy stuff in the road
  • I lived every second of this amazing day
  • I marvelled at my world

Hold on a minute!

Why can’t I do all those things every day?

I think I can.

And, I’m sure, so can you.

When did you last Time Travel and re-discover your inner child?

What do you wish you could still enjoy that you enjoyed back then?



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Ice Cream and Daisy Chains

She’s in her garden.

She bends down,  carefully chooses  a dandelion clock and slowly blows the seeds away, like fairies in the breeze.

She sits down on the grass and starts to collect daisies. She makes a chain and lifts if gently over her head.

Over by the trampoline she looks around, shyly, checking she’s all alone, before clambering up to have a bounce. Her face beams and she starts to giggle, self-conscious now.

Hot in the sun, she seeks the shade to enjoy an ice- cream, craftily sneaked from the freezer. Chocolate, her favourite. With a flake. Or two…

Indoors now, she looks in  her cupboard for something cooler to wear.

Frustration erupts, nothing is right,  she jumps up and down in a paddy,  tossing her rejected clothes to the floor.

She freezes.

The front door opens and heavy footsteps thump on the stairs.  There’s nowhere to hide, so she waits, ice-cream smears unwiped, still in her  shorts and tee-shirt.

‘Is that you, love?’

He’s home.

‘Had a good day?’

Blushing now, she runs downstairs, licking the remains of her ice-cream from her lips, the daisy chain still clinging to her damp skin.

‘I’ve had a great day! I’ve been having fun in the garden.  Look! I even made a daisy chain!’

He grins. 

‘Fancy an ice-cream, love? Or a glass of wine?’

They laugh and he kisses her chocolatey mouth before finding the wine glasses.  Carrying the bottle of chilled wine they wander out into the early evening garden.

We all have a child within.

We just need to pause and remember…

to be one…

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A bucket full of…

‘Not enough hours in the day…’

‘I’ll never get it all done…’

‘There’s so much to do…’

We’ve all said it at some time.

We rush around, face red, lips pursed, flustered and hot.


The other day I needed to water a large pot of plants in my garden. I needed a bucket. A large one. And I needed to fill it.

I waited as the tap ran and the water level grew.

But I was lazy.

I didn’t want to keep traipsing back and forth with easy to carry amounts so I smugly filled it to the brim.


It was heavy.

No problem, I thought, as I lifted it out of the sink and started to stagger out of the kitchen towards the garden.

Then it happened.

The water started to slop over the sides, leaving puddles on the floor and as I tried to rush out of the door the water overflowed. Everywhere.

I sloshed my way to the offending garden pot and poured the rest of the water over the thirsty plants.

But I still had to clear up the flood in the kitchen. I was not best pleased to be wasting my valuable time mopping up.

What started out as a simple task had grown into several tedious ones.


Sometimes I feel like that bucket…

…filled to the brim with ‘To Do’s’, ‘Must Do’s’, writing tasks, e:mails to write, ironing piles, books to read, people to see, places to go…

But are they all so important?

If I fill my bucket to the top with things to do, they’ll spill over. I’ll end up with all those extra tasks to do because I rushed and didn’t pay enough attention to the details.

I must remember…there’s always tomorrow … 


I must learn not to fill my bucket

Fewer tasks = more fun.

Fewer tasks = less stress.

No floods.

No mopping up.


I need to leave enough room in my bucket for

  • sunshine…
  • music…
  • silence…
  • listening…
  • thinking…
  • creating…

What will you leave room for in your bucket today?


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The Day I Said Yes And No-one Spat!

Here in the UK they’re everywhere!


Fluttering madly on cars,

hanging outside every kind of building,

draped across walls and fences…

Yes… it’s that time again…The World Cup.


I’ll let you into a secret….

I’m not a sporty person.

I don’t really understand football.

And I especially don’t like over sexed, over paid, over tanned footballers or their ‘Stepford Wives’ and girlfriends.

In my view, they’re dreadful role models for our children.  Some of them have despicable morals, assault their other halves, swear and get drunk at the least opportunity.

And they spit…

 I guess I’m in the minority but there it is.


At the week-end my OH and I went to my best friend’s home for a World Cup Supper.

Yes… I know…

But I looked forward to the chat, the girly gossip (I’m talking about the women…) and my friend is an amazing cook.

Are you ready for this?

I learned some very valuable lessons from this World Cup get together. And I decided to write to you about it:

Here’s what I learnt –

  • My mood was lifted, being in the company of good friends
  • It was a fun evening
  • No-one got drunk
  • No-one behaved badly
  • The men in particular shouted, roared and cheered at the TV screen and I enjoyed their excitement
  • There was a great atmosphere of ‘belonging’
  • And, most important,…. no-one spat…  (Sorry, had to pop that in there…) 


This world-wide obsession and excitement about the World Cup has really got me thinking…

about saying ‘Why Not?’ a bit more.

How about you?

Do you wish you said ‘yes’ to opportunities a bit more than you do?

 ‘One’s first step in wisdom is to question everything.’

George C.  Lichtenburg


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Are You Naughty?



‘I’ve got a whole day to myself!  

The children are out, no obligations, no cooking to do. 

I can do whatever I like… is that really naughty?’ 


My friend found herself unexpectedly free.

And guess what? 

She went straight into listing all the things she should do, none of them fun. 

 When I suggested she should devote the whole day to herself she looked a bit worried. 

‘Oh my word! I can’t do that!’ 

I asked her why. 

‘Well, it would be selfish, wouldn’t it!’ 

‘So is being selfish always a bad thing?’ 

We chatted for a while and she went away, saying she’d reflect on what we’d said. 

Next time we meet I’ll ask her how she spent her day… 



As you know, After reading Christine’s post about ‘Improving time’ I’ve been musing on the ways we look at the concept of time.

It’s so easy to think that we must always come last in the pecking order.  

It’s a habit we should try to avoid.  

What we need is a balance, between others’ needs and our own.  

I hope my friend enjoyed her day and changed her mind-set that it was naughty to give herself some time. 

‘It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is -what are we busy about? ‘ 

Henry David Thoreau 

You have a free day.

How will you spend it?


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