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Who Wants to Win an Amazing Car and Have £2,000 to Spend?

It was a TV ad on the Breakfast show.

It looked tempting, so tempting that many people  entered this competition. Hard to resist – the chance to show off a fantastic new car and go shopping with £2,000 to spend.

Imagine when the car’s delivered!

I want one of those!

It sits outside in the street or on your drive and everyone stops to admire it. You’re so proud. Can’t wait to take it for a spin. Off you roar, leaving those admiring glances behind, those envious faces wondering how you afforded it. After all, you only just changed last year’s model. They’d love a brand new car, given half the chance.

There’s nothing like the smell and feel of a new car. Leather seats, everything shiny, no finger marks, not even the tiniest scratch.  You stop at the lights and the guy in the older car next to you grins and waves, giving you a thumbs up. You grin back, basking in the sunshine of his envy.

You frown a little as it begins to rain. The auto-wipers do their best but it’s quite a downpour. On the motor-way the traffic’s heavy. Lorries soak you in muddy spray, wooshing past at speed. Reluctantly you slow down, it’s hard to see far ahead in this storm, even with the headlights on. It’s dusk and it’ll soon be dark. As soon as you can, you turn off and head for home.

You put your house key in the lock and call out.

‘I’m home, love!’

You shake the drips from your coat and hang it up.

‘How’s the car, love? Pleased with it?’  She comes to the door to take a look.

‘What a pity it rained, sweetheart. It’s lost its shiny, new look. You’ll have to wash it tomorrow. Still, I suppose it can’t stay ‘new’ for ever! ‘

You’re gutted. It was fantastic having it delivered. And now it’s not new anymore. Looks just like everyone else’s. Muddy, smeary, tyres all spoilt, mats muddy.

But at least you’ve still got that £2,000 to spend…

We all get a ‘high’ from having more ‘stuff’.  It lasts for… well… at least a few minutes… and before long we’re thinking about the next ‘new thing’.  At least that’s how it seems to me sometimes.

I wonder how long the novelty and excitement of  receiving their ‘new stuff’ will last with most children this Christmas…

Is there anything we can do about it?

How can we help our children to be less greedy when many adults are just as bad?

How do we show them that having more ‘stuff’ won’t make them happy?

or will they discover it for themselves…

  • What does happiness mean to you?
  • What has to happen for you to feel happy?
  • Is it a lasting state or is it fleeting?

Do tell us in the comments…

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How To Take a Challenge You Didn’t Know You Could

I’m a great fan of Problogger. It’s one of the many sites I follow  for advice about blogging. On the site at the moment is –  

The 7 Link Challenge . 

At first I wasn’t sure I could do it, but I’m going for it! 

The challenge is – 

to look through my blog and choose 7 posts for the 7  reasons they suggest, which will become clear as you read on (hope you’re still with me…) and link to them. 

Just click on each underlined link to read each post. 

I’ve posted this image because when I started blogging I felt very much alone… 

With a little help from my friends...


…but now, 

I have so many blogging friends with fantastic sites to help me. They’ve put a real Positive Spin on my efforts and I thank them for it. 

Here goes! 

Link 1  My first post. 

As I read it today, I can sense the trepidation! 

Link 2  A post I enjoyed writing

This post was fun. I was pleased to prove the doubters wrong! 

Link 3  A post that started a discussion. 

This was fun to write too, it even made me think! 

Link 4  A post I wish I’d written. 

Wellif you haven’t visited this site yet, you must. Such wisdom. I’ve changed my thinking about many things since I started popping over to Leo Zabutea’s zen habits. See what you think. 

Link 5  My most helpful post 

I believe this was helpful. I wanted to give my readers permission to show their true selves for a change!  I’ve tried it and already surprised some strangers… 

Link 6  A title I’m proud of. 

Yes, I’m proud of this. It was, and still is, one of my most popular posts.  It even caught the attention of Radio 2, here in the UK. They wanted to talk to me about it on the air, but sadly I got their email too late in the day. Hey ho! 

Gosh, this is taking ages but I’m determined…. 

so finally…. 

Link 7  A post I wish more people had read. 

I think Robben Island has got to be the most moving place I’ve visited in my travels. Just remembering the ‘hearts in the razor wire’ does it for me. 

There! I’ve completed the Problogger 7 Link Challenge. 

I’ve been thinking… 

They’re so clever over on Problogger because… 

  • this challenge has forced me to look back and judge my work with a fresh eye,
  • it has shown me I  how I’ve changed and developed as a writer, 
  • I can see how I’ve broadened my outlook and approach,
  • I know I must keep on ‘keeping on’, always seeking help and advice,
  •  I’ve joined a fascinating group of readers and bloggers,
  • and I love it!

Can’t be a bad thing! 


Over to you! 

What challenge will you take that you didn’t know you could? 



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Day 7 – Your Tracks May Not Be Washed Away……

‘There’s someone at the door!’

I’d been in the garden and felt really scruffy in my gardening gear, not exactly in the mood for a visitor.

A lady stood on the step and grinned at me.

I wasn’t sure I recognised her but she seemed to know me.

‘I’m Susan’s mum!’ she said. 

As soon as I heard the name I easily remembered her daughter. She’d been a student of mine several years ago, when I taught dyslexic students at my home.

‘Susan wanted me to see if you still lived here! She’s in her final year at Uni now and wanted you to know how well she’s doing.’

I invited her in and she told me all about her daughter, and how she wanted to take a course in teaching dyslexic students, as well as completing her degree course.

I was amazed. This lady had come out of her way especially to find me.

As I walked with her to her car she said, ‘If it hadn’t been for you and all the confidence you gave Susan, she would never have got where she is today.’

I’m sure that’s not completely true. Susan was highly motivated to do well,  but it made me realise that the tracks I made all those years ago had not washed away, like footsteps in the sand.


  • Think again about the ‘tracks’ you leave.  They might leave their impression for longer than you think.
  • Just a few thoughtful words can make someone’s day.
  • Next time you speak to someone, leave  a ‘track ‘you can be proud of.

Header by cursed thing, post pic by  me.

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