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Who Wants to Time Travel With Me?

‘Oh please, dad! Please!’

Dad slowly opens our back door. It’s dark but I can see the flakes in the beam of the outside light.

‘Oh, wow! It is! It is!’

My brother and I squeak and squeak and my face is one enormous grin.

Next morning the snow is really deep. The cat refuses to set paw outside but we can’t wait. Dad gets the wooden sledge he made us, out of the shed and we pull on hats and gloves and scarves. 

Magical. But not just when I was a child.

It was magical today.  

We pulled on our hats, gloves and scarves but this time I had my OH with me, not my brother. We trudged up the lane, stopping every few minutes to exclaim at the beauty around us. Everything seemed to be wearing a ‘hat’, every twig and every fence post. Birds danced and darted, searching for a drink, dogs were up to their tummies in snow and parked cars were shrouded in white fur puffer jackets.

Then came the best bit!

We joined our neighbours and their children who were sledging on an open slope on the edge of the village. Brightly coloured sledges contrasted with the white-out, flasks of coffee steamed and wet gloves were abandoned.

‘Want to have a go, Linda?’

One of our friends was laughing as he offered me his child’s sledge. To his, and my, surprise I heard myself say, ‘Love to!’ and I sat down and grabbed the rope, with the confidence and fearlessness of a child. He gave me a push and I was off, shrieking and squealing down the slope. I was Time Travelling, ten years old again, loving the chill on my cheeks, not a care in the world.

Watch out! There's a child about!

I will remember today because…

  • I re-discovered my inner child
  • I delighted in my sense of fun
  • I took pleasure in the small things
  • I smiled at everyone and they smiled back
  • I noticed every twig, branch, roof top, fence, gate, paw-print
  • I spoke to every one and they spoke back
  • I ignored the slushy stuff in the road
  • I lived every second of this amazing day
  • I marvelled at my world

Hold on a minute!

Why can’t I do all those things every day?

I think I can.

And, I’m sure, so can you.

When did you last Time Travel and re-discover your inner child?

What do you wish you could still enjoy that you enjoyed back then?



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Are you Struggling To Reach That Goal? Let An Ant Solve Your Problem

Eyelashes to die for! 

The longest ever! 

I was overawed when I met him.

Utterly won over.

I’d never met an elephant before.

He wasn’t a bit how I imagined he’d be. I knew his hide would be rough but it was far thicker than I’d expected.  He was a gentle giant but I knew he could do a lot of damage to the trees in his habitat.

So I was amazed to read in the Daily Telegraph  that elephants are known to be terrified of ants!  

I know.

Sounds highly unlikely.

Apparently they can’t stand it when ants swarm up their sensitive trunks.

So they avoid any plants where ants will be found.

Scientists have seen this fear as a chance to help save the endangered trees and plants that elephants might damage. Colonies of ants are being introduced to protect vulnerable acacia trees in Africa, and it’s working.

The elephants are keeping well clear.

When I read the article it struck me how powerful ‘small things’ can be. 

This huge creature is terrified of an ant.

I wouldn’t have imagined an elephant even noticing ants, let alone fearing them.

Apparently they can smell them!


So here it is …

 The Invaluable Life Lesson I Learnt … From An Ant. 

 One ant on its own would not terrify the elephant. But in a colony?  No problem.

 Think about this for a moment … 

You’ve set yourself a goal.  

But …

You’re putting it off.

You can’t even think about it.


It’s too much for you to even consider, unless …

You look for others to join your ‘colony’.

Here’re some examples where being part of a colony could help.

1.   You want to lose a few pounds? 

No need to do it on your own, join a ‘colony’!

Join ‘Weight Watchers’ or Slimming World. Ask a friend to come with you, or join an ‘online’ weight loss support forum.

2.   You want to write a novel?

Don’t know where to begin?

Join a colony!

Find out about a local writing group. Join an on-line course. Start a ‘colony’ of beginner writers.

3.   You want to make new friends? 

Join a colony!

Approach new mums/dads at the school gates. Invite them for coffee. Volunteer to help in school.

Look in shop windows for events advertised where you can meet like-minded people. A choir? Drama group? Church? Evening class?

4.   You want to learn ball room dancing? 

Join a colony!

Ask a friend to go with you and then find out where the classes are held.

5.   You want to travel to India? 

Join a colony!

Research travel companies who specialise in single travellers. Talk to others who’ve been there. Collect as much information as you can. You can’t make a decision without information.

Whatever you want to achieve, remember you don’t have to take huge steps to be effective and you don’t have to face it alone.

Little steps, each day, add up to make large strides. 

Dr Palmer, who researched this unexpected elephant fear, said this:

‘It’s yet another example of how the ‘little things’ rule the world.’

Think about this too-

‘Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprise.’

Demosthenes   384 BC


So … let’s learn from the ants. 

What ‘small step for man’ will you take today? 

And if there’s no ‘colony’ for you to join, (you know what I’m going to say, don’t you …) you can start your own!

Over to you …

Do tell us about a goal you’ve set yourself, and how the rest of the colony helped you reach it.


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