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 Just some of your comments…

  • ‘I am really enjoying your daily blogs, plus sensible advice when confronted with life’s problems. You put such a positive spin on things.’

I changed the name of my blog as a result of this inspired comment! 

  • Great blog! I’ve read it all in one sitting.’  
  • ‘Thanks for another thought evoking post.
  • ‘Lovely words & thoughts Linda’
  • ‘Your blog is a great new way of showing your writing. Well done!’
  • ‘Found it very interesting and enlightening.’
  • ‘I am really enjoying your daily snippets of positive thinking’
  • ‘I’m glad I rid myself of the drains, they affected my whole life.’
  • ‘Omg – that so sounds like me as well, having been brought up with never being paid a compliment or encouraged to see the good in me.’
  • ‘Your posts have got enough energy to inspire people and help them change Linda. Keep up the good work’
  • ‘Very inspiring stuff’
  • ‘This is beautiful, Linda. Life is so good when we give ourselves permission to really live it!
  • ‘What a beautiful image you’ve left me with to hold in my mind today.’
  • ‘What a lovely idea, Champagne Friday… it’s definitely one to adopt, I think!’
  • ‘What an important message about acknowledging our weaknesses rather than dismissing or denying them.’
  • ‘Linda, I can really relate to the advice on giving advice. I for one am extremely guilty of giving advice with no caveats…and then not getting quite the kind of response I had expected! I’m going to make that my focus area for the week ahead.’
  • ‘Wise and sensible words as always, Linda’
  • ‘I must say you amaze me with your daily installments, they are ALL so good!!!’
  • ‘You have a fabulously original style by the way. Your posts are easy to read, have universal appeal, and that joy of yours is evident!’
  • ‘I adopted the small steps approach recently and it really does work. I achieve far more that way.’
  • ‘Welll done for coming up with something positive EVERY day!’
  • ‘I think your blog is great, simple, clean, well-organized… achieving the goals you set out.’
  • ‘I love popping over every day to read your wise and thought-provoking words…’
  • ‘Thought provoking as always, Linda!  Thank you…’
  • ‘Linda, a very thought provoking article.  I loved the quote from your friend – ”Wherever you go, remember, you take yourself with you.” ‘Very wise words.’
  • ‘I love your blog— thanks for sharing your refreshing thoughts. I will be digging around.’
  • ‘Your guest post on Virgin Bloggers is getting a fantastic response… and rightly so.
  • ‘I have just found you from a comment you left on Marelisa’s abundance blog and am so glad I did.’
  • ‘Thank you for reminding me of so many things I have achieved …’
  • ‘A lovely post Linda. We need friends in their many forms. We are social beings and rely on those around us for so many things. Thanks for the reminder.’
  • ‘Failure happens for a reason, perhaps. But only if you are doing. Doing something. Taking action. Better that than doing nothing.’
  • ‘Failure is such a harsh word and true failure makes me feel awful. So I really try to find another way to look at the outcome when something doesn’t go according to plan. Perhaps I’m just a natural spin-doctor!!!
  • ‘Nice post on how to take control. We all need time for ourselves and this solutions helps us to get just that when someone calls.

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